Tile Danger: A mobile app also helps in defense

Tile Danger: A mobile app also helps in defense

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A mobile app helps guide the Hungarian Cancer Society in preventing tick-borne diseases - said the president of the union on Tuesday in the M1 current channel and in the Kossuth Radio.

Kapiller Zoltбn said the application will show you what species of ticks live in the area, which are dangerous to humans and what diseases they spread. It also provides information on prevention and the tools you need to prevent it, such as tick repellents, tick-borne cannulas, tick tests, and the nearest source.Tile Danger: A mobile app also helps in defense The number of tick-borne ticks is constantly increasing because there are no winter frosts that would kill the previous year's population. And because of the warming, a new tick species has arrived in Hungary, he said.Every year 50-100 thousand people he is ill because of ticks, but in many cases doctors do not realize that it is in the background, because the diseases transmitted by the tick imitate three other classic internal medicine diseases - Zoltan Kapiller said that to create medical practitioners who recognize both tick-borne and mixed infectious diseases.
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