Why is it so hard to resist Facebook?

Why is it so hard to resist Facebook?

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Why is it so difficult to get rid of social addiction to social media? Because we're making good insights, we're set by professionals at Michigan State University.

Why is it so hard to resist Facebook?

All of this comes out so strong that we need to have a Facebook login, maybe a screenshot, and feel better in our skin. This is a nice touch and it is I was dead the fresh information and human connection is the reason for success. if you want to do your job. People will feel a sense of reward when they open Facebook and because of this positive association they will come back again and again, "says the research leader. Allison Eden.In the first survey, participants saw images associated with Facebook's iconography, followed by a Chinese symbol. It was then necessary to decide whether the symbol was pleasant or unpleasant. Active Facebook users, with their Facebook icons, also found the Chinese symbol more pleasant than fewer frequent visitors. From this it turned out that being so often so overwhelmed that they have a sense of guilt, we do not use the public side that makes them feel bad. According to Eden, this environmental condition causes a bad sensation, which is more damaging to the mind than a "simple" Facebook addiction.
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