The best sleeping songs

The best sleeping songs

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What should we sing to the child at bedtime? What is more important about the lyrics or the melody? Should we sing to a baby as a kindergarten student?

Choose a lullaby that will calm you down

There is no sure recipe, there is no absolute truth to the above queries. We collect a few aspects and anesthetics that we hope will make the choice easier. soothe, ellazнtsa, help wake up and fall asleep. It is therefore worth choosing a song whose melody is soft, its rhythm is subdued, it is by no means a snare. Be well thought out, you can even skip the glass. Since we are not usually trained singers, it is not a last resort to easily sing the song. The text is not really important at first; they are more likely to arouse interest than to relax the child. Our choice of music is important, but perhaps the most important role of the lullaby is to play the melody. It is good if the anesthetic radiates peace, love, warmth. From this point of view, any song can work well, whatever genre you choose, from pop, musical to classical music.Weцres Sбndor: A tьndйr c. his poem is classic, his poem is also Hobbit Judit-fyle song too. Not too short, but not too long, Judit Halszsz, with her almost floating voice, is sure to relax the children.József Attila Altatуa must-see article on sleeping songs. A poem composed by Tolcsvay Laszlo was also composed Hobbit Judit sell it.Katicabogбrrуl dear dear, short song is the favorite of many. It is easy to sing, the lyrics and the melody are simple too. Sleep baby inspired many to make music. What now is Szйlkiбltу processing is recommended.Gryllus Vilmos Mask c. his album is all brilliant: witty glass, full of great music and Vilmos Gryllus's astonishingly versatile performance. You can find it on the album Hуember not exactly anesthetized, at least in text, but the melodious marble makes it mild to say at bedtime. Brahms Bölcsхdalбval. It also has Hungarian text, but it is perfect even if you just tilt it Next to the woods I was overcast beginning song melody Golden János (!) by. Very popular, lots of processing known.
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