What does sexual desire stay in a long relationship?

What does sexual desire stay in a long relationship?

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What do those who can maintain sexual desire in their relationship do for a long time? Psychologist Sarah Hunter Murray has been researching and trying to answer this question for over 10 years.

What does sexual desire stay in a long relationship?

Booked by Sarah Hunter Murray The results of a study on psychology were published in Psychology Today. According to this, the psychologist interviewed women between the ages of 18 and 29 who have been in a relationship for at least 2 and a half years. One group of interviewees was able to keep the passion down, while the other half reported a decrease in sexual desire. What do people who have a sexual interest in their couple do, even though they have many years together?

1. Be present not only in body, mind!

Those who are able to keep their sexual desire in mind are not present in the body but in the souls during sex. It is not their daily routine when it comes to their brain act, but they just focus on being with their couple. Awareness is one of the most important factors that decides whether or not we can maintain passion with the passing of time.

2. What is normal is not necessarily bad

Those of you who are old people together will surely find that many things are considered routine in your relationship. We don't make a big deal of people, they don't move out, we don't date him. At the same time, women who have not been sexually sedated have not died out of habit, routine, monotony, but have expressly loved it. It is to their credit that they enjoy their couple routinely know what they can do for him.After some time, sex is considered routine, but that's not a bad thing, one of them said. - We both know what the other likes, we know what works and what doesn't, and we do what works. They face new conditions that they do not get in their relationship.

3. Wake up in the corridors!

It is quite natural that sexual desire cannot be maintained at exactly the same temperature for a long period of time. It shouldn't be a problem at all, the trouble is, if we expect something else, or if it happens, we don't talk about it, do it, and finally accept it. In this case, the relationship is tested by the couple how much are you trying to get out of this pit. When the tide comes, let's try to talk about it and figure out how we can uplift our sexual lives, how we can uplift ourselves. .There are no big secrets to this, nor is there a specific recipe for keeping the longing relationship in our relationships. Sincere discussion, maximum presence and ambition to maintain sexual desire for one another.
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