The most common Flix nasal surgery problems is when the time is right

The most common Flix nasal surgery problems is when the time is right

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Every season there are specific complaints that we seek medical attention. At the beginning of late spring and summer, besides allergies to beaching, we have a few special problems that we would like to help you with.

We were asked about these and their prevention, dr. Krisztina Moric is a physician in the field of nasal and nasal congestion, allergic, and the nasal congestion center.

How do I get rid of the water I get?

After beaching or even washing your hair, you may feel that the water that you have flushed through is not lost. This is not just a nuisance, because if the water gets stuck in the water, it can cause serious events by soaking the eardrum. The most common Flix nasal surgery problems is when the time is right "In this case, let's turn our heads slightly back and then flush them over the affected side and try to drain the water. push your palms up, tilt your head slightly to the side, and then suddenly lose your hand. -orr-gйgйszhez. "

What's wrong with my hearing this summer?

In addition to the festival season and concerts, it is a big prank for our ears and hearsay. In addition to increased sweating, many more strains are also produced from the predisposed individuals. This often forms a plug in the ear, the first sign of which may be hearing loss. Often, this also plays a role in preventing wasted water from passing through. If the swollen plug swells at the action of the ear, the water in the ear becomes trapped, causing not only the loss of hearing but also the inflammation of the ear. or else we also need to count the possibility of. "

What's the matter with my head?

Diarrhea, which occurs during this period, is often a symptom of the aforementioned disease. If you have sensitive skin on your outer skin - for example, after a long day of swimming in the pool under water - you can catch infections more easily. Inflammation of the outer ear may cause severe pain, overflow and fever. In such cases you should consult a physician, and you may need to use an anti-inflammatory drop, or an antibiotic.

What should I use for allergic nasal congestion?

Many people suffer from colorlessness, but it is important that they try to alleviate their allergic symptoms. The nбtha esetйn bevбlt nyбlkahбrtya lohasztу kйszнtmйnyek бltalбban only 7-10 days hasznбlhatуak biztonsбggal, anйlkьl to kбrosнtanбk the orrnyбlkahбrtyбt or okoznбnak orrcseppfьggхsйget. "The pollen season, against allergiбs orrdugulбs йs orrfolyбs biztonsбggal alkalmazhatу steroid nasal spray is also recommended longer tбvon. The kйszнtmйnyeket be a prescription to obtain it, our symptoms will be functionally suggested by the attending physician and used for the period and time specified. "

Thank you my throat, often coughing at night

Among others, inadequate management of respiratory allergy can be caused by the development of chronic facial inflammation, a common symptom of back pharyngeal ringing. In these cases, the amount of nasal passages that can be produced in healthy people also increases, and in the back, the pharynx flows. This can cause night-time irritation when lying down; In addition to allergies and chronic facial inflammation, the symptoms may include nasal polyps and reflux disease. "
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