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Any unnecessary burden

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Baji Baji, who won a bronze medal in the 110-meter hurdles at the London World Athletics Championships, was all set to win.

World Championship bronze medalist Baji Balazs at his first public event after the race at Scitec Family Fitt Day

The Hungarian sprinter, who also practiced as a veterinarian, was asked at his first public event in Hungary after the race, Fitt Plazzi, a supporter of Scitec, about his greatest success so far and what he needed.He values ​​history in athletics. What was the key to your success? What was the extra that you were able to do with this result?This is the fruit of a long job, with nearly 10 years of playing elite sports at an adult level. It took a lot of work, a lot of experience to get there. The result of this long process was this victory. I persisted and worked hard and did not give up even after failures. I always believed that all this work would come to fruition once. In my previous competitions, I have achieved results that can "travel" to a World Championship, so that I can have a chance to win it. Especially on the basis of my competition, what I was out there in the qualifiers and in the standings, was what counted to me in the final as worthy. Many were afraid that I might surprise the field in the space battle, and it came. This bronze medal is definitely a big deal, as he was very enthusiastic, he has not been a Hungarian sprint competitor in the World Championship for 30 years, and he has never managed to win any kind of run, especially no sprint. This is a great man in the Hungarian athletics.What is your preparation period? How to train a running trainer? I do relatively little running: long runs, jogging are not in the training. In fact, I do not jog at all, up to a couple of meters until I start circulating and afterwards they have warmed up. We do a lot of gymnastics, a lot of stretching, a lot of stabilization. There are twice or three times a weightlifting: dynamic Olympic weightlifting. There are two complementary exercises, but we go for efficiency rather than volume or absolute strength. Relative strength is the most important thing for us, as the mass must also be carried. Every extra kilo is a burden. Coaching is a lot of strength, as strength is very important in sprinting, but all practice is about speed and speed. Usually one workout a day, which is a little longer than holding two trainers - up to 3-4 hours with all the extras - but I can do anything that is essential for preparation.How can you get the best out of yourself in training?Coaches require a lot of energy. I need to provide my muscles with basic nutrients - so I helped them with dietary supplements. For us, running is about being nutritious. You don't have to diet, you don't have to eat, you don't have to pay attention to the weight. Whites, hydrates and fats - everything can come, but not the quality of things. To the best of my knowledge, I adjust my diet and exercise protein regularly, like creatines, amino acids, BCAAs, glutamine - they all help a lot.You also work as a vet. How can you reconcile sports with time and energy? You're still in the Olympics, aren't you? Can we count on other world competitions?For the time being, I look at myself as an athlete, and besides, if it works, I am also a veterinarian. There are times when one goes to the front and the other a little bit quicker. There are also certain periods in the race: the racing season, resting, preparation. Someday you get into something a bit different. It's hard on the weekdays when it's a devoted job, a duluth training and fatigue, but it's much more than what you lose.What do you call those who are just starting out in sports? What is most important?Sport is a good thing and important for health. It is very important to nurture not only our soul but also our body. After a long period of skipping, we gradually build up our muscles and our business that we will lose weight - it can develop afterwards. This way exercise will be enjoyable, not painful, and avoid various injuries that no one will miss. Dietary supplements can also help a lot. Perseverance and determination are important too, and this is the only way to succeed. The better a person gets, the happier, more tired they are, and the more fun sports will bring. It's not an easy thing, but it is worth blessing. You have to fight, you have to suffer, but you get paid.
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