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Movement of the Fetus: When Can It Be Detected and What Is Sensing?

Movement of the Fetus: When Can It Be Detected and What Is Sensing?

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All pregnant mothers can't wait to feel their first fetal movements. Week 3 and how do you write down the sensation?

When can Fetal Movement Be Feeled First? What kind of alarm?

Generally, Figs. between the first week of gestation and the first gestation of the fetus during pregnancy. In the case of an increased pregnancy, the mother's mother recognizes the signs sooner. Of course, this is not engraved, there are some who feel strongly about the baby a couple of weeks earlier. for seven weeks, it spins around and stretches. Mothers are very much aware of the sensation that their baby's movement causes them to feel a bubor poppylike scratching, like the sea waving, fluttering like a light butterfly caressing its wings, or gently waddling the water. The middle point of the descriptions is the subtle, breezy movement, the pleasant, strong sensation. Later, around the 20th with lugs, pivots and hinges. Often, movement inside can be seen from the outside, so the environment can experience it, even if it is in the air. From the 30th week, the spines will become more intense, and then, as the fetus becomes less space, the mother will experience more sharpening.Related articles in Fetal Movement:
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