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Being a mother is fine!

Being a mother is fine!

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Each of the ten interrogated mothers asked us what is most wonderful about what we call motherhood. This time, from these stories of love, we collected the day's mothers day bouquet.

Being a mother is fine!

A member of the secret club

At the time of my first child's birth, I probably didn't even know what motherhood was. It was just special as if I was getting into a secret club. Sometimes we do not know what donation we are involved in unless we are losing money, tragedy if we are suddenly left alone. Just as I was left alone when my brother moved. Until then, I didn't pay attention to the small moments of happiness, got stuck in a situation, worked, rushed home, did my business one after the other, and had nothing to do with it, couldn't do anything else. I just learned to not just waste my life. I also asked him why he was a good mother and said, "Because you take care of your kids because you have a very fragrant scent and because you cook a very delicious dinner." I think that's all there is to it, and no one can ever get that recognition.
Viktória Vörös, the mother of Luca and the mother of half and half

That's why we live

After two years of failing to wait, they were born of flask loads, and at first they were very similar to each other. My father, who has helped a lot since then, has often confused them, and their father alone told me who he was. Today they are very different from outside. I was expecting it. The sense that I am the one who comforts them is anything but that I am the one they always run to. That's why it's really good for me to be a mother. Well, the morning smile. My husband and I say when we see them in the morning grinning in their minds about what we live for… and the great amount of food they give us every day. Now, for example, we are impressed that they started dancing. The music just sticks out, and in March the tiny, spherical little bodies return to rhythm.
Lvia Sadr, the mother of the twelve-month-old twins, Бdбm and Gergh

Maternity in the dust and in the dust

Six years ago, with the birth of my larger daughter, a completely different timing began in my life. I became the mother of a tiny, three-pound baby girl.
Before I was born, even when I was told, I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have an abdominal tummy to rock an umbrella, what if I had to wake up to a nightly baby 10 times more than I even knew how to read because of the fatigue, I also say ash to mammy.
But I couldn't even imagine what a special and wonderful thing it was to be a mom. I didn't know that the most beautiful thing in the world was the smile that smiled on the face of a sleeping baby. I didn't know how cute it was for someone to be a "mommy" or a "mom." I had no idea how sweet a little girl could be, looking at my makeup and staring at my high heels with a bright face. I wouldn't have thought that my dearest monology would be, "Mom, you know what if I get big? She's a mom too. She's like you."
Eszter Takács, mother of six-year-old Adel and Panka, three-year-old

Laura and the tejeufurria

First of all, Mother's Day as a mother, I became a baby !!! Laura is going to be so old and loving breast milk. After feeding, I often babble, and then I still hold my arms to see his smiling face. I called this status milk dairy. Next, I lift it up on my chest to bribe it and put its head on my heart, resting as much as we can. I remember these intimate moments of being a good mother, but I will never forget that one night when I lifted my baby and hugged her, she ate my neck before feeding.
Baba Bella Elena, the mother of four-month-old Laura

You better get after it

I am often nailed, looking at my curvaceous tummy, the question of how to dare to do business with the third child in today's world. It is very painful to hear this because I would not have had a full life if I couldn't be a mother if I couldn't expect my third baby now. Once upon a time we are here with this little wonder, love and adore her, tiny hands, spherical, furry little buttocks. You can do anything, be anything, have no expectations, just this unconditional love - and it's good to live. And just as much of it is that all the hard work that we put into it comes to an end. Hopefully, with my brother, we'll always have baby noise. Because what a person often gets from nerve problems, he cannot survive. Because the house is full of us, but if it is not, then I am silent. The order and cleanliness will be great. And if you have to make a choice right away, you better save after ...
Boglárka Szыcs, mother of the nine-year-old Strawberry and the five-year-old Hanga

Love works back

We are also amazed at how loving care Bori deals with the little guy. When you bathe, you wash your back, if you shave it, comfort it, share your food without thinking, and even feed it (I'll wash both of them ...).
Once, my father's parents came home by car. They don't live far away, but Dani was pretty shy. We handled it all: we handed over a toy, a baby bottle, tossed it up, but it didn't work. Finally, we asked Bori to sing something. And he began enthusiastically and in full volume with the "Tente, Baby, Tente ..." altarpiece, and even though the melody and the glass were not perfect, the effect was more. Dani looked at him awhile ago. Every once in a while, Dani starts to squirm in the car, and Borikánk starts and his head is still out of order. We just smile with our father and are proud of our soul and a little bit of ourselves.
Anna Schmidtka-Vnrnagy, mother of three-year-old Bori and one-year-old Dani

It's like love

For me, "nutrition" is the most important thing in motherhood. I really enjoy being the one who shows them the world, who introduces them to the flavors, the scents, but it's really wonderful that they also teach me about it. When my bigger girl, Fruzina, was born, I got really bad breast inflammation. I slept with two or three ogres for weeks at night, it was very tired, but this was not a wasted time because we were so close together. I am left forever in the morning when I wake up, the sun shines at once, and all the pain falls on me like a shroud. I'm happy and I know I'm going to be able to breastfeed now. It's hard to talk about it because motherhood is like love, you have to survive. Fruzsina feels so much to me, so pendulous so much, that she begins to comfort me when I don't even really know I'm in a bad mood. In that case, I see, touch, caress me. You can say without saying words that you love ...
Zsuzsanna Dávid, mother of three-year-old Fruina and two-year-old Emma Flurra

You can thank us

My husband and I love our children to the fullest. There is no grace, caress, kiss, that is enough. And while we're settled in advance, we'll be very careful to give our son Milan the same love as before, and we were a little worried about how our baby would be coming.
Barely a few days old, Lidi was sleeping in a horror when Miskou walked over to him. Jumping, I watched what came out of it. He looked at him for a moment, scratching the small face, then raised his hand. I thought: Here you go! And now I was swinging, but Milan, instead of hitting him, gently stroked our baby's head. Freezing, I watched, not giving birth to any one, so as not to break the spell. She stroked her smile slightly, leaned over her cheek and kissed her, and then ran to play.
At that fabulous moment, I felt like we were examining.
Julia Svraka, the mother of seven-month-old Miln and the five-month-old Lydia

My greatest success

Before Orsi was born, there were many failures and many successes. I graduated in medical science, won TDK conferences, and was admitted first in the state to a PhD student. After I gave birth to Orsi, I felt for the first time in my life that I was doing something really big. I was able to carry it for nine months and then bring it to light! The first smile was first, the first tooth, the first blow. What kind of insistence you had when we first grinned at your grandmother and saved her from home, then came back to her and saw how awesome she was to you. Whenever I can reassure him, I can feel how important I am to him. These are wonderful moments that will remain in me forever.
Mira Zubreczky-Hegyi, mother of nineteen-month-old Orsi

It's okay, Mom!

I'm wearing the second miracle of my life right now in my tummy. We look forward to June. It was in January that the outcome of the Blood Valley Downstream screening was very high. I got the bad news on the phone, a beautiful day in the morning when I was playing with my little son. The power of the hell had completely collapsed, filled with anxiety, and certainly not strong enough to suppress sobbing. My three-year-old son welcomed my neck and said, "No problem, Mom!" Yes, but he did, with love like no one has ever had. Just as I needed it then and there. This determination gave me the strength to spend the coming weeks until we got the results of the chorionic biopsy. No problem, healthy baby boy growing up in my tummy. In those difficult days, I realized that the most beautiful thing in my life was being a mother. In the evening, I just watched my sleeping little boy's calm face and admire him, and I believed - because he had to believe - what he said then and there among the games, "Nothing wrong, Mom!"
Colonel Victoria, mother of three-year-old Peti

In the world of pink

We still don't know if the second son will be or girl. When it came to light that Lőrinc conceived, I floated almost a meter above the ground. It was a kind of happy, excited sensation, like when my husband asked my hand. The moments after birth will remain forever. It wasn't even five minutes as he looked at me, staring straight into my eyes for minutes. It was like a miracle as this little man snapped his eyes. And then there are special moments every day. Recently, for example, Lorinc could only come by holding my hand. One evening, however, we sat down, with his father in front of us, and he thought, and walked away alone. It was so exciting, so novel, we liked it and laughed so much that we played it at nine o'clock tonight. And I will never forget the morning when he woke up and didn't cry, he said simply and selfishly as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be MOM. But it was at that time that he first said it.
Gyaby Szabou-Kasovitz, the mother of the two-headed Lőrinc
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