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What methods can you choose if condom and tablet views do not work?

I have heard that there is a new type of vaginal contraceptive device. The tablet and the condom are not available for any reason, so you are wondering what the experts think about the new method, whether it can be used during breastfeeding.
Zsufi, email
dr. Answer by Judit Boros:
The vaginal ring may be a good method for those who have a problem taking the contraceptive pill every day or not having the lactose content in the pill. Because the ring can remain in the vagina for twenty-one days after insertion, during which time it releases the same type of hormone that is contained in the combined contraceptives, estrogen and progesterone. The amount of hormone that gets into your body is less than if you take a pill. It is very easy to put on, everyone can do it themselves: the bracelet is like a flexible elastic ring with two fingers pressed in and inserted into the vagina where the inner muscles are held. During sex, a man can feel it, but only a few complain that he is disturbed. In such a case, up to three can be taken out, but if the device is out for a longer period of time, the effect of continuous conception is not guaranteed. Twenty-one days later, the index finger must be drawn out and then discarded. Seven days' pause follows, during which bleeding occurs, and another ring may be inserted. The monthly cost is 2700 HUF. It has the disadvantage that it cannot be used during breastfeeding because it is similar to combined oral contraceptives and reduces the amount of milk and is present in breast milk. In addition, there are some conditions for which it is not recommended, which is why your doctor may ask you to do so after careful examination and examination.
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