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Tricky tricks

Tricky tricks

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What good would it be if the stubbornly "fat" baby-tailed babies would spin themselves by the time the baby was born! The position of the pelvic floor is considered to be abnormal, so in this case the cesarean section is much more common.

Tricky tricks

Most fetuses are 30-32. weeks to head up the exit, but it also happens that you perform this big show only on the day of your birth. Certainly, the more you postpone the loophole, the less space will be available! Before the 35th week, we may try some light work ideas. It is all based on the fact that the baby is already watching the events from the inside.

I was lured

Place small tubular balls in your lying pocket or satchel so that the delicate little noises are brought to your attention just above the height of the egg. Desperate fetuses are capable of a loophole to get closer to different noises!

A hypnotic light spot

Similarly, you can try the light: turn on a flashlight in the evening and relax under the lower part of the tummy. Its light is slightly opaque on the abdomen, and may make it a little closer to admire the bright orange spot.

Unusual postures

The mother lies on her back a quarter of an hour a day, and supports her feet and hips with cushions to get higher than normal. In this posture, the fetus will gain greater mobility and may be able to participate in the turn. The so-called reverse Indian bridge is a little more cumbersome: the pregnant mother is more gentle then lowering her head, her head resting two inches, and her pelvis remaining high.

Only have it done by professionals!

The foot massaging doll stimulates the fetus to stimulate the fetus by stimulating the corresponding reflex points of the foot, thereby easing the caudal turn. Homeopathic remedies can also help with the relaxation of the bee, and when used in conjunction with haptonomy can be effective. As a result, the doll contacts the fetus with the hand while the mother is in a relaxed state. The emphasis is not on the pressure or the violent pushing, it moves the baby more emotionally.
Only a doctor can perform the method of external translation, which is performed at week 37 in some hospitals. They relieve the uterus with drugs, and the doctor immediately tries to reverse the fetus using special traps while checking the condition of the baby with ultrasound and CTG.
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