I don't want more kids!

I don't want more kids!

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What can a non-rubber condom look for, and are looking for a cheap, reliable fertilizer solution for many years to come?

Question: I am thirty-two years old, have two children, but I am not breastfeeding a little, who is now two and a half years old. So far, we have been rubber-banded for breastfeeding, but we don't really like it, we both feel embarrassed and can't wait to change something. Now, we think we don't want more kids, but it would be a drastic intervention for the bears, and it's not out of the question to change our minds. I am looking for a reliable contraceptive that is not too expensive and can be used for years to get me ill (mainly from cancer).
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Dr. Judit Boros's answer:
My advice on conception always starts with a thorough questioning, as finding the ideal method requires knowing the health benefits, illnesses, certain illnesses, certain illnesses, and illnesses. I also advise you to consult a doctor who will assist you in your choice after a thorough consultation covering all important details. Here, generally, I would like to raise just a few aspects. Combined, combined with estrogen and gestagen, tablets can be a good solution for a woman who is perfectly healthy, does not smoke, is not excessive, does not suffer from recurring migraines, and has normal blood pressure. In this case, too, there is a need for control three months after starting the collection, but every year thereafter. Women who are not exactly ideal, but especially in the first year, need more frequent monitoring. The effect may be influenced by many factors (such as taking certain dietary supplements, surgery, other medicines) and may require frequent consultation. Even the cheapest tablets cost at least 2500 forints per month. The cost of a three-month solution for gestational injections is 1000-1500 HUF, each time the condom costs one hundred forints. At first glance, the hormone content spiral seems to be a whopping $ 40,000, but when you consider staying there for up to a year, your monthly cost is among the best. The first three months may be bleeding, and it is a very convenient solution. Occasionally you may not experience any bleeding during your use, and in some cases you may be suspected of becoming pregnant from time to time. In this case, the cost of the pregnancy tests must be added to the costs, which sometimes amounts to 600-1000 HUF. Even cheaper than the simple spiral, it is a prerequisite that the mussel should not suffer from the female return stream. The latter is often caused by chronic prostate inflammation of the partner, so there is probably no further obstacle to using spiral after the treatment. Relatively few safe but not overly expensive methods include sperm-effective sheaths that can be inserted into the vagina just before sexual intercourse.


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