Chocolate Delicious Lavender-Almond BiscuitRecipe Recipes

Chocolate Delicious Lavender-Almond BiscuitRecipe Recipes

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Because lavender isn't just for Granny's closet! Make Your Holiday Favorite Biscuit Recipe!

Lavender biscuits

My Lavender Lifestyle goes back to my baby years and started with a simple lavender soap love. I love the scent straight, the very essence of the flower is gone, I started to use it in food before long, thanks to the tea I drank and when I once drank a divine spit in Tihany. From here on, there was no stopping the lavender in a bowl, lemonade, jam. The following lavender biscuits We can make the holidays a holiday dayand make the holidays even more intimate. I started with my favorite biscuit recipe, reducing the amount of flour I replaced with almonds, using a little less butter as both the almond and lavender oil component.Hozzбvalуk:
25 dkg of flour
5 dkg almonds
tkl tk. sьtхpor
20kg of butter
10 dkg of lavender powdered sugar
1 egg yolk
1 cs vanнliбscukor
1 lemon grated rindI used to grind the previously prepared lavender sugar. Anyone who has not prepared it should add approx. Mix 1 tablespoon tablespoonfuls of dried lavender flowers.Mix together sugar, flour, almonds, roasting powder, vanilla, then work with butter, eggs, lemon zest. Cool the resulting toast to freeze well.After ejection, after approx. Bake at 180 degrees for 10-20 minutes. (It also depends on the style.) Well, if its wide golden brown.Delightful, magical snack in a lilac scent. All you need is a fine tea, a good friend or a good book. A terrific preparation.