Let's learn to lose weight! Day 2

Let's learn to lose weight! Day 2

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Merci's diary 2nd Mon - Minus 3 kilos. The original saying was that the smile had to be suffered. Now, let's just say that the smile needs to be done. Not much, but after cutting the first three kilos, I would by no means call it suffering.

Név: Linninger Mercedes
Age: 33 yrs
Occupation: dentist
Child: Nanda, 14 months old
Weight on August 1, 2004: 113 kg
September 1, 2004 110 kg
Costumes: 52
Suddenly my whole life changed. He turned the corner and didn't even know which office to run. Because a mom who is pregnant is so light, because she has time for everything. Yeah, but who's watching the crappy kid then?
I can say that I am very lucky because my family, when they heard my grand plan, completely stopped working and opened the door to my daring business.
One day my other one became full.
August 2
I met an Angel, Dude Kud, who was the creator and, of course, the leader of the kitchen of Angels. In many ways, it has become a key to my everyday life. With my leadership, I have completed a quick-start reform cooking course so that home cooking is not a problem in the future. He tried to guide my psychologist through personal consultation to the key to my life, the key to my success reform. He has set up a diet for me and has supervised a two-week cleansing program.
August 4
The cooking course was a pleasant experience for me: with a few kindly housewives (and a dry one) we got to know the alternative cooking methods, the whole ingredients, and the whole thing. For example, who would think that consuming cherries helps prevent cancer ?!
August 9
My two-week cleaning started and, frankly, I was a little scared. I felt there were foods and ingredients that I could not give up, especially if I honestly think that they can still fit in a diet. I was hoping to get greens and seeds, that the portions would not be enough for my tooth, and that I would be incapable of meeting the requirements.
Well, I must say I was pleasantly disappointed. On the first day, I eat lemon juice for breakfast, fasting fruits, gazpachut for lunch, sparkling sheep's cheese in a bowl, mozzarella for lunch, and mozzarella for dinner. That is, on the first day they convinced me that I did not have to give up my favorite meat or cheese. The weekly menus are very special, with delicious treats, and while my lemon buds waking up in the morning, my immediate protests started, I had to admit, my intentions were not enough, the intake of enormous amounts of acid.
My teeth also protested. The juice of lemon juice has a great effect on the tooth enamel, so I have already opened the toothbrush in the middle of lifting the cup. However, I was willing to close my eyes on this "professional problem".
August 15
Sunday, the day of "free robbery", has come. At least in the printed menu, the word "encouraging" was in the queue for lunch. Since I did not believe my eyes, I asked Katan, and in fact, that I could eat what was right and in that quantity. I've decided on Friday that I'm going to stuff a huge slice of fried meat with french fries, maybe eat pizza instead of soup, and have lots of coffee ice cream for the essentials - more than enough. Then when it came to Sunday, and my mother's kitchen mother waited for me to eat - always offering alternatives on a "whoever wanted" basis - I wouldn't have believed that I would eat all the bread. My body and maybe a little bit of my consciousness have already been protesting against rabies. I had a smart, healthy meal, albeit in larger quantities than last week. Of course, every challenge has its fast, so I didn't dare to lead a sinew. The name was "Sunday Cereal Dinner," and it literally represented hundreds of grams of dry birds. I have to admit that with this refreshed milk, my fridge is still resting, and even though the rule for all diets made every autumn is that I shouldn't miss this challenge.
August 21st
The two-week cleanse was followed by a long-awaited vacation, which I feared, for even really strong-willed people cannot resist a wonderful ice cream or an unmistakably Italian capuccino. I do not deny: it was part of my own self-imposed cool diet.
August 30
But getting started wouldn't be enough for someone to make a real life change. The fun effect of moving is not to be missed on any weight, and as far as I can tell, I have gone through it today. This story is worth a mission, which I will tell you next month. All in all, the beginning was generously surprising.
In five weeks, I lost three kilos, which may not seem like much, but I feel - and so do others - the shift has begun. The waist of the pants got bigger and I feel every day because of my muscle mass. Fewer guys, I am lighter and more energetic with my baby, which they doubled in their mobility requirements. J
Kismama's comment
Introducing the Kitchen of Angels
Kitchen of angels
Budapest V., Szent István krt. 13. II. floor 2 / b
Phone: 269-1517; 312-5178
The Theory and Practice of Weight Loss - not in the gym or wellness center, but in the dread of the weekdays. It was invented and developed by Katalin Dudabs the "chief angel".
Mercit is on the long march leading to weight loss, at least in the first few months, the Kitchen of Angels. They plan, prepare and deliver the daily menu for their home. The Kitchen of Angels was the first complex service in Hungary that, based on psychology and nutrition, did not focus solely on weight problems, but also on the underlying psyche. The idea is based on the experience of the owner of the company. Katalin Dudás was helped by a boy in a kale, a cook, and a psychologist when she managed to get rid of fire in six weeks.
Instead of friends, there is now a team of professionals working in the Kitchen of Angels, but the principle has not changed. The company is aiming for an all-day menu for those who, in the most natural way, consume low calorie diets to achieve lasting weight loss. However, the customer's first glow leads to harmony and simplicity, yet leads to an elegant reception room, where she looks for a comfortable armchair and psychologist. Whoever wants can relax here. You can tell the story of your "health career". Whoever first, whoever needs to tell the story. This is the best way for you to discover where you are making mistakes. During the first interview, you clarify health issues, previous illnesses, lifestyle and eating habits. All of this has to be taken into account when adjusting your diet, and no matter who you consume or what you eat.
Regular meetings called counseling, if the client is a partner in this, are already breaking the limits of psychological analysis. We do not even think about the spiritual causes that can lead to obesity. Who would remember that the excess weight that they want to get rid of after long years has advantages that they are unable to give up? Some people eat to compensate for their distress or find peace in the midst of constant stress. And the great body gives the appearance of man so great that he cannot be noticed. You can interpret a thick layer of warfare like a shield: its job is to prevent the world from invading the intimate sphere. Then there are the extremely high requirements that we want to meet everywhere. These forces that feed on food can only be released if we are recognized and confronted. How much does Merci share with us about his own discoveries? Come on! He said we wouldn't stop listening to anything he felt we could learn from him.


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