How to choose a school?

How to choose a school?

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Go to school this year or stay for a year at the door? If so, what are some aspects to consider when choosing a school? Vйlemйny.

How to choose a school?Parents' information evenings and open days at schools are improving. By now parents have probably made the decision (and the children) whether to keep the child in the ovary for a year or to go to school this year. This is the number and not the age of the child. Just like when Danika's neighbor is 10 months old and our Lilink has just begun to mate, many recognize that it is not worth comparing them, as children develop at different rates. It is not a matter of school maturity whether the child is 6 or 7 years old, but whether the school can be considered mature. It encompasses many things: bodily, social, cognitive, intellectual transcription. To be successful in school, to love going to school, to have fun with it, you need to make it to the big change. Parents are generally is in fine motor development, can he constantly observe, concentrate, is he able to formulate grammatically correctly, etc. A good, good old knows a kid who has been spending a lot of urn years together and has the experience to make the right decisions for schooling.If inquiry: where to go? Each child has a district school, a school based on where they live. But not all families would like to choose the school they have chosen. Of course, this is not just an intentional request, not everyone can ask, and there are a number of reasons for this: logistical, financial reasons - to mention just the two most common. These are not simple requests.

1. What do we expect from school?

This is probably the most important request. It is important for us to clarify what function we have assigned to the school. What values ​​we hold for ourselves and what skills we consider important for development. For example, do we see that the child should primarily (or) live in the present, or, conversely, be prepared for the future. We expect to either confirm it on its own or match it to an imaginary pattern. If you expect exactly what the school expects from the school itself, we will have much less frustration with the teachers, and we will not be harmless before the school's expectations. We have to cry for ourselves and the child out of much trouble.

2. What are the sacrifices we are capable of?

If the selected school has high tuition and / or is far from home, we have to make every day, every month, to get the child there. Let's think for a moment whether we are worth the fatigue, whether we will be tanned, our baby will have it. Do you want to go to a school where there are more tasks for the family, where parents are part of the public life, or it is a completely foreign land.

3. Learned person

Many consider the teacher the most important aspect. It is very important, first and foremost, because we have to trust our parents, we give our child many hrs a day, many years, so it doesn't really matter how impressed we are with the teacher. But one thing to keep in mind is that a teacher is a school representative, a system, a creed, like the school. You will not represent principles that are very different from school.

4. Six, eight, twelve

Super school and six grade school. Let's think about what's six years from now. In a matter of moments, how are those six years and years gone? Can we imagine that we will be ready for recording in the near future? Or the opposite is true: the school thinks in 12 years, which means that in the twelfth year, the school goes to the same as the rest of the school, but it does not mean that it goes through all the blessed years. It is possible that every child learns to read only by the third (not her) year, and not by the first year of Christmas, as the school can think in greater depth. Does this bother us? Do you find school speeds too slow or too fast?

5. Who does the parent or child choose for school?

The request may seem, at first, to be a 6-7 year old asking for such a weight. Of course he didn't, but his views and impressions are important. Alternative schools have some kind of admission: play, talk. And there are multiple oversubscriptions. It is unlucky to tell a small child that they will see it now, and if they meet, they will come here. If he is not recruited, he will not publicly fit into the picture. A child like this doesn't understand this, but his or her school years start with the least failure and distress. Even so, he will still be impressed by the play at school. In a good case, you also get to know the teacher. If you have a lot of control over a particular thing or a teacher, and you are not able to resolve your anxiety, it is worth considering how much weight we give to it. If a school is not capable of creating a mood, giving children in the enrollment tasks that the most anxious can dissolve and take part in, it is more than a token to the parent. we choose a school that we can identify with. Wherever we go, we agree with our goals. One that we think is best for our child and our family. Because school is a very important thing, but only one very important thing in our lives.Related articles about school:
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