Lupo's Casual Adventures

Lupo's Casual Adventures

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Two copies of the French-authored Wolf Mascot series have been published on Lupur, the lovely wolf with whom all sorts of interesting things happen. Kцnyvajбnlу.

Lupo, the wolf

This summer, the French author нrу Orianne Lallemand and the illustrator Йléonore Thuillier Farkasmesekk series, Lupo, the wolf who wanted to make a change And a Lupo, the wolf who didn't want to walk c. Lupu, the dear wolf, has an everyday story that even the smallest can easily identify with: "This morning, Lupoo is terribly ill. as easy as you think ... "Every day, the wolf challenges another occasion, but it is never overwhelming. Of course, at the end of the fairy tale, she finds the right color for her. The other part of the series brings the transport and the seasons closer to the kids, not the subject of the reception. "Lupu is tired of walking! Surely you have a better way to get around, like a bike, a snowman, or a motor! And a barber travels by plane and hair, soon realizing that sometimes it's hard to find" a lovely and amusing fairy tale series of 32 pages, hard-boiled for the little ones, but not only in form but also in content. Although the book is more suitable for 3-6 year olds, it is more likely to be for 2-4 year olds. Easy to read and accepted, Lupo books make it easy for children to read, wake up and read.
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