Scurvy is common again

Scurvy is common again

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Nowadays, scurvy can be found mainly in developing countries, but in recent times it has also emerged in areas where malnutrition is not at all present.

Scurvy is common againOver the centuries, the disease of the seas was primarily scurvy, a painful, often fatal disease. For a while, it seemed that scurvy was being eliminated, but more infections have recently been reported - writes 24th. We know now that scurvy It develops due to vitamin C deficiency. nowadays it is mainly in areas where malnutrition is more common, but more and more infections are occurring where people are also able to take in adequate vitamin C. Not much of a documentary has been written about Vitamins. Eric Churchill, a doctor who took part in the film, said that in the past six years, only his team had diagnosed 20-30 new cases. That's a pretty high number. The problem, Churchill says, is that less affluent people often choose foods with high fat calorie content. If someone has a limited food budget, they To avoid scurvy is not just enough to consume a lot of vegetables, it is also important how to prepare food: overcooking can kill important substances, , dental surgery, swelling of the skin. It also has a major influence on bone development in childhood.
At worst, it can be fatal, causing internal bleeding.
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