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More and more cesarean section

More and more cesarean section

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Internationally, Hungary has a high number of cesarean sections: births make up almost 40 percent. Fifty years ago, it was 5 percent of the number of babies who completed a cesarean section.

More and more cesarean section

These interventions are, in many cases, unjustified by the National Health Center, but there is no objective measure that says this is too high. In Hungary in 2015 to 100 deaths 38.7 cesarean section has done this (and in Romania, Italy and Bulgaria) the most cesarean section among the European countries is published in the price of the Hungarian health system. In the material published in the care of the State Center for Health Care (BEC), we refer to the Hungarian Cesarean section they are also high in international comparison, 8.5 percentage points above the EU average, and 7.3 percentage points above the OECD member states. it has risen by only 0.3 years, so this standard comment does not hold it in place. Rбadбsul - show rб the tanulmбnyban - the hбtrбnyos helyzetы telepьlйseken smaller 9.5 szбzalйkponttal arбnyban szьlnek csбszбrmetszйssel the nхk, нgy "feltйtelezhetх that csбszбrmetszйsek elхfordulбsбt the mother gazdasбgi stбtusza йs specifically for csбszбrmetszйs irбnti kйrelme also befolyбsolhatja" - бllнtja the БEEK. The most common cause of surgery is the lack of oxygen in the uterus, but the incidence of congenital brain damage has not diminished in the past 40 years, nor has the rate of congenital anthers multiplied. parents should be justified in the range of 15-25 percent. Csányka M. Gyцrgyhowever, according to the secretary of the professional college board of the state secretary of health, I do not really have such a number, today the World Health Organization also thinks that it is in some countries it is very differentWhat held the szьlйsrхl йs what arбnyban vйgeznek csбszбrmetszйst: Йszak-Eurуpбban jellemzхen preferбljбk the termйszetes szьlйst, however, there are Brazнliбban szьlйszetek where virtually babбk szьletik szбz szбzalйka csбszбrmetszйssel, Нrorszбgban szintйn kevйs the mыtйti befejezйs, mнg Spanyolorszбgban or Olaszorszбgban magas.Csбkбny According to Gyorgy M., doctors often use surgery because they are afraid of possible lawsuits because they have not been sued because they have had a cervical incision, but in medical malpractice, they have usually passed away. At the same time, the baby girl says that it is often not only safer, but more comfortable, to have a 15-minute operation than to assist a woman in long care. The reverse is true, however, because mothers often insist on cesarean section.
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