Illness also makes sense

Illness also makes sense

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It may seem strange at first sight, but it is easy to see: the conquered diseases strengthen the child's immune system, so there is no need to respond with "atomic attack" to the smallest of women.

You have to be sick too

Too much protection

We want the best for our children, so we protect them from the birth. However, there is a growing tendency for over-protection to have returnees.Not so old in many obstetrics departments, it is possible to breastfeed with milk masks only after strictly infecting the breast. At home, the parents for a long time did not let anyone in the vicinity of the baby, they did not take them out on the streets for weeks. which are aimed at protecting the health of children by stopping the disease. Their use makes the parents' everyday life seemingly more hygienic, since at first the tedious days of minor infections are missed - but in the latter, the parents can afford it.

Our bodies are studying

The development of the body's defensive system is the result of a lengthy and complex learning process. During fetal age, immune responses other than those after birth are preferred. The transformation of the defense system is what helps different microbes do the most. Microbes should not be considered hostile, as they are necessary for the normal development of the immune system. We cannot eliminate diseases from the Earth, but that would not be a good idea. It is better to learn to live with them. This is what our first lives are prepared for, as we become acquainted with the ubiquitous pathogens in the environment. Without this meeting, the defense system will no longer be able to distinguish between natural and foreign. And what you are a stranger to, will be responding with a shorter allergic reaction. More and more research results indicate that among the causes of allergies, the child's vision is highly valued: vaccines, antibiotics and the disinfected environment.The immune function a pediatric illnesses with a small childhood (such as scarlet fever, bends, varicella), and "everyday" infections are being targeted by appropriate controls. Vaccination in early infancy prevents the natural course of the disease, but at the same time some contribute to the development of allergic reactions.

Cure everything?

It is very common for a coughing, naughty child to be taken to a doctor for the doctor to "pick something up". Many people think that everything has its antidote, and that it is a good winner who knows what to give. However, if you were given an antibiotic when the person could fight the disease themselves, it was more than useful. Healing may be a little faster, life is more comfortable, but we have been deprived of the opportunity to learn. This way the balance is upset and we are giving way to the appearance of allergic reactions. Household disinfectants, soaps advertised as "antibacterial", baths, creams, etc., influence the body. More research has proven that, under less sterile conditions, the "real" village children living in proximity to nature perform better than the same, but more "cosmopolitan" they begin to suffer from illness, as the big ones bring home many illnesses, but they also develop abilities more quickly, and as a result, fewer people become ill.

We deserve to be honored!

Every event leaves a mark on us, and we look at these events in our lives. We get sick more easily when we experience unpleasant, significant changes in our lives. In fact, illness makes you stop, creating the right conditions for the change to occur. For a child, illness also means more than you are able to feel it. It is an important experience that his parents still stand by him. You really sense this when you are really nursing, telling him, watching him, creating peace, taking care of him, making him a compress. Today, fewer and fewer people are experiencing this, as in recent decades there are hardly any children who would not receive all of their antipyretic, antibiotics - if necessary, if not.Weekday sickness in the case of most parents, they do not nurse, but go to the pharmacy and buy something that "cures" the child. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that an important part of a deep parenting relationship is that we live, and work together, on uncomfortable, difficult things, because it is rich and good.
Specialist: dr. Henrik Széke Children's Crib

Every year, little disease is normal

When a child gets involved, he or she appears to be very ill. It hardly healed, with the next illness coming. The little kid in the school is dealing with newcomers, his immune system has not yet learned how to fight them. Of course, the environment is not sterile at home, and family members also carry bacilli, but in contrast, the body of a small child enjoys a high degree of protection. In the beginning, common disease is natural. It is also useful because the immune system is strengthened congenital diseases nyomбn. In a year, the child will be much more resistant! You may start to get sick sooner if you are not infected with your slightly larger siblings. Less illness can be expected if it becomes ovine.At the age of twelve years of childhood without a disease, it can be considered normal, and eight years of age are acceptable at the age of eight. If you have Sыrы, consult your pediatrician. The nasal tonsil may suggest removal or a few months' nursing break. Do not shorten the peeling period too much! After the symptoms have ceased, wait for a few more days before returning to the community, as the weakened body is more easily attacked by the disease. When the child is healthy, exercise a lot outdoors, the moved, indoor, in-born babies can't handle it. With a weekly week in almost every month, however, parents may feel that their children are almost always sick. Diseases without antibiotic treatment strengthen the immune system, the body learns how to fight off the disease.Doctors suspect that in the background of the growing number of allergic diseases, there may be a stiff, untrained, immune system that does not contain any real hostility. Frequent colds are not a problem, we use home remedies to move the body and alleviate the symptoms. - At the first symptoms of the baby, put the baby's feet in hot water. In ten minutes, we increase the foot temperature from 35 to 39 degrees Celsius. - In the meantime, let's water a warm, honeycomb wood. When the footbath is finished, wipe the foot dry, dust it, and cool it with a soft, loose-fitting woolen cloth. However, seek medical attention if you have high fever, very headache, throat, ears, depressed, condition does not change after a few days.

He gets sick of the rush

It is useful to observe and record in your journal the history of the onset of a disease. Gaining a little experience, you can predict the timing of the next illness almost immediately. THE the immune system of small children not yet resistant, it strengthens by overcoming diseases. Infections are common at the beginning of kindergarten, but in the second year they are far less common. Physical-mental stress weakens the body's defensive power.Adults often fail to realize how stressful a child is. Not only did she get tired of her grandfather's birthday, but she was exhausted from home. A longer week in kindergarten, a shorter week in the nursery, program-filled duluths, and a series of late-night tales, can be expected to signal the body of a small child. Similarly, slippers and motorbikes with the "one last touch" exclamation can be done: the baby is tired, hurried. In this case, you will not benefit from any further movement. Apart from the usual daily-weekly program, you should do something extraordinary to ensure that you have enough free time. If he is really ill, he can stay at home, free from the haste of his daily life, beside his bed, we live, talk, sip tea. You do not need your organization to report a disease that you will receive these pleasures. The calm pace of life, the balanced daily and weekly rhythm will strengthen your inner harmony, making you more resilient to illness.

Not just medicine!

Nowadays, even the slightest discomfort, pain, is considered to be different from the "normal", so to handle. The ads suggest that we should be constantly in a state of paradise. On the contrary, we have to accept that pain is often a useful warning sign, increased body temperature helps fight bacteria and viruses, and diseases strengthen the immune system.First of all, parents need to develop the right attitude. Not a pill, a drop of help, but breathing, moving, strangling, sleeping. From this point of view, it is irrelevant whether one expects admiration from traditional remedies or homeopathic remedies. While grappling, falling, may seem uncomfortable, we do not have to make the little ones out of them. Adults are often disturbed by the loud, stinging. In this case, the little ones need more care, not drugs. Keep them for those cases where they are really needed. It is important that we can distinguish non-drug-related problems from real illness. In case of doubt, seek medical attention, but note that we are not receiving a prescription. In many cases, the saying is true: one week with medicine, seven days without medicine.Some people have a good night's sleep, we need a lot of ideas to relax and comfort the baby. Take your complaint seriously. Let's face it, let's go, check out the picture books, snap our little doll figures, tales of the big hero who fights the bucks.

New diseases

Among others, vaccines are already numerous today infectious childhood disease it is almost unknown, but instead newer illnesses have become commonplace that will disqualify a small patient throughout their lives. The utуbbi thirty йvben, rйszben megkйtszerezхdцtt the allergiбs children szбma 10-13 йv kцzцtti korosztбlyban due to specific tъlsбgosan korбn tehйntejfehйrje and йvente hбrom szбzalйkkal nх the szenvedх cukorbetegsйgben children arбnya.Minden asztmбs twelfth child, every six serdьlх szйnanбthбs, one iskolбba lйpйskor two to three students with a behavioral disorder and one-third of the children are overweight. Spinal and other malformations are increasingly common. These problems cannot be cured or prevented by medical treatment. Szбmos civilization sickness The habits learned during childhood are therefore much more important: eating, the agenda, and spending time away from home, according to patterns from the home, are lost in our entire lives, not just in the first year. Let's always appreciate the natural lifestyle, delicate consumption, balanced agenda, and more exercise in the outdoors.


Goebel-Glöckler: The Great Children's Guide (Futura Books)
The view of the book is special, so its advice is also special. The child starts from the physical-mental-mental unity, not only presenting individual parts of the patient, or "just not sick" body parts, organs. As the child and the parent co-operate, he demonstrates that it is not the immediate goal of eliminating these inconveniences, but that of healthy development. med. Ulrike Novotny: Kneipp for Children (Hartmann-Rico Hungбria)
"Kneipp treatment is not an alternative remedy, but one that can be included in the basic care and care of every little child. Dad also loves to take care. Trust always comes from getting sick from the disease, and it only grows if Mom always knows what to do about cope and other troubles. "Related articles: