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Postpartum Depression - Can Lead To SuicideThe Testimony Of An American Mother With Three Children

Postpartum Depression - Can Lead To SuicideThe Testimony Of An American Mother With Three Children

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I have also seen mothers who have committed suicide and have never done so. How can you just leave their children there? I also suffered from postpartum depression. Two years across ... I got it. I got it.

Cross by Marie Motter, an American mother of three with an FB post trying to bring attention to the need to look out for each other, not to leave parenting with postpartum depression alone, to take cues, to help as well.Postpartum Depression - Can Lead To Suicide (Photo: Taylor LaKae Rawlings) "In postpartum depression, you do not feel that the world is better without you, but that you are better without the world. Of course, everyone comes to say, 'Oh, I never thought about it,' because he didn't say anything. , you are fine. " But there were signs, but you didn't make it big because you didn't write it. He tried to live up to the expectations, but he sank deeper and deeper. He lost his self in the care of the others. It was said "I don't know today, I have a lot to do", but you haven't heard about relief. In such cases, do not try to help care for your children because they will only increase your awareness. She won't let it go, because she feels like she's not spending enough time with us anymore. Do you really want to help a mother suffering from postnatal depression? Open it, let it shower, wash your hair. Help him in a way he feels he hasn't forgotten. That he is not alone. How come he is a man. "When do we seriously depress postpartum depression? And why not talk about it anymore?" thought. I first shared it in a closed group where a lot of people asked me to make it public. I did. Importantly, much more should be said about postpartum depression. A total of 121,000 people shared the post, which means that 121,000 people are FINALLY discussing the problem. We need support as a parent. One by one. "Photograph: Taylor LaKae RawlingsRelated articles in Postpartum Depression:
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