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Are you talking cheating?

Are you talking cheating?

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Quite frankly, when little babies shout crappy words, parents are called bristly. Where did you learn all this? - we wonder. - In kindergarten, on the playground, on her mates - we take responsibility for ourselves.

However, our children mainly study in the example of parents. It also asks who is responding to annoying situations, and changes the individual stimulus threshold to what they generally find annoying. Of course, there is not always a pink freckle in the pink, but a healthy balance means that nine out of ten everyday situations are unfocused or cool, and only one sense of humor is precious. my mother's blush on the picture. First and foremost, it is not the avoidance of bad words that is important, but the positive recovery of minor-stress situations, the balanced mood. Of course, our children your favorite cook.

What should we do if our child speaks badly?

His behavior attracts attention, we deal with it, it has a positive reinforcement: "I have to do it and everyone listens to me." We should reject this in a stern voice and do not react violently to spanking. We do not need to explain what his words mean, nor do we raise our guilt by emphasizing our repentance. And don't really take it for granted! It's a peculiar age to want to control your will, and it's still inexperienced in treating your temper. Obviously, you try the pattern you have left. Let us see that this does not work for us.