A baby suffered headaches, closes newly hired slide park

A baby suffered headaches, closes newly hired slide park

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Two days later, the 16th District Slide Park was closed after a little girl was sent to the hospital for letting go.

Two days before the municipal elections, we gave a slip park in the 16th District Reformers, according to the Index. Earlier on 24, roulette reported that parents in the district's Facebook group had repeatedly complained that slips were dangerous and children were over-speeding themselves. Newly Added Skating Park Closed (photo: iStock) The city guide also responded to the posts. Tamás Szabou, the mayor's office chief, said Saturday and Sunday supervisors would be operating the slides. "Analyze your experience and take action if necessary. It is important to know that sliders are standard, properly qualified players, without which they could not be fitted anywhere in the EU" Sadly, there are already the first seriously injured children. A baby was transported to the Heim Pól Hospital with headdressing - this was already done by Gyorgy Richard XVI. District Candidate for Opposition posted on Facebook on October 12th. On Saturday, the district council said on Facebook that two new slides had been closed. "Two of the Reformers Square slides have been closed for further review.
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