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The baby package program has started

The baby package program has started

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A baby package program worth 2 billion 121 billion forints has been launched, primarily to assist infant mothers and their families.

The baby package program has startedThis was announced by the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Social Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources.Czibere Kбroly He said the younger children hбromйvesnйl, szьleiket йs the vбrandуs йdesanyбkat segнtх kezdemйnyezйst kapcsolуdva kezdхdцtt jъniusban last year, HUF 18 milliбrd цsszйrtйkы йlelmiszerosztбsi program indнtottбk el.A tartуs fogyasztбsi tartalmazу articles, hъszezer HUF йrtйkы package are the smallest szьksйges ellбtбsбhoz eszkцzцk, нgy pйldбul digitбlis hхmйrх , out of stock, diaper, nose, towel and blanket - the baby package with the help of child welfare services about A mother raising 26,000 children in a situation of need and receiving regular child protection benefits Once a year until 2020 - added.In the press center with whistleblowing, the secretary of state stressed that it is important that ill-fated Kárroly Czibere said: The government has helped these families with a number of measures and tools in the past years, such as the introduction Continuously expanding the national network of schools and schools and Safe Beginnings.Kovács SándorThe Fidesz tйrsйg orszбggyыlйsi kйpviselхje the tбjйkoztatуn said the county бllami йs intйzmйnyhбlуzat kivбlуan egyьttmыkцdik lebonyolнtбsбban йs hasonlу such programs in the йs rйsztvevх munkatбrsak can also nyъjtani the hozzбjuk fordulу kismamбknak йs csalбdoknak continuous tбjйkoztatбst.Related articles in the topic of Fraud:
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