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Nbndika is born!

Nbndika is born!

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Everyone knows Lazz Kovács from the fever of the fever. Lazar and Melinda's third little son, Nandika, when we were born, were curious about how cook is at home for the ones he loves best.

"Ever since your baby's design was paying attention to eating?"

Photo: Emmer Laszlo

"Some studies have shown that nutrition also influences the sex of the unborn child, because food intake affects men's X and Y chromosomes more than women do. My wife and I really wanted a little girl after the boys, so we really put in all the gastronomy at home, but our son was born, so we want to think less, so much more. eating eggs, smoked meat, tomatoes and mushrooms leads to lots of greens, dairy and halo. But, as the photo shows, not everyone comes in. "

Surprise for birth

"For a little baby, it is worth taking easy meals that are easy to cook at home, or even small grandparents can quickly and easily prepare meals that are easy to cook at home. make soup, so it was one of the first soups I wanted to bring to Natalika's birth after her birth. a fuller, more nutritious meal before, for this occasion, we recommend the flesh meal, for example. Milano beetroot, with its coriander toast, looks, tastes and relatively low calorie value, will give every baby, except the baby, but even the cooked babies a pleasant minute. "


Lazar and Melinda's baby kitchen

"Even as a baby, many people are advising on breastfeeding and nutrition as much as I can. Believe it or not, by this time we can seriously shape our child's gastronomic taste, that is, we can influence whether the plucked flesh or gourd is the favorite of the year, or that, and it will not be a meal. we can easily keep our kids away from fast food and junk food, if we find that we do not eat in these places, but that we want to cook great and healthy food. that you don't have to ban the child, hane m alternative, in this case, to consider it. " "Shop vбsбrolt bйbiйtelt we did not give the children Lazinkуnбl the bevбsбrlбst йs it myself vбllaltam the йtelkйszнtйst, Bencйnйl hand, you have already Melinda fхzцtt recipe I participated alapjбn pйldбul. Lazinkуnak йs Bencйnek as he grew larger, regular was megtisztнtott sбrgarйpa-, cucumbers йs tomato slices, нgy nowadays, individual treats are considered to be self-explanatory, they are not rejected, they are not overcooked. The rice is cooked with seasonal greens. The kitchen is undeniably dangerous; , and they do not consider cooking to be a non-obligatory household.