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Give allergies at 6 months

Give allergies at 6 months

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You are less likely to develop a food allergy in your child if you are already allergic to food by the age of six months. Give eggs, milk, cereals, and even peanuts to the baby!

Give allergies at 6 months

You can read this on, as well as that Dr. Aratou Andrbs according to the University of Semmelweis University's Department of Pediatric Medicine No. 1, it is ideal for the baby to receive almost exclusively breast milk during the first four to six months, with a small amount of dietary allergies. The mother's diet also influences whether or not the child is allergic, so the pediatrician recommends a variety of normal diets for pregnant women.Dr. Andrós Aratу emphasizes that exclusive breastfeeding until the age of half is the most beneficial. If you have it, you don't have to start nutrition, but the mother has to keep a varied diet. A meal that is rich in greenery, fruits, plant and animal protein is also important because the minimum amount of antigen in the diets consumed by the mother enters breast milkand develops tolerance in the baby's body.If the baby is not breastfeeding, it is possible to take a variety of diets containing antigen, such as milk-based infusions, steaks, from the age of several months; peanuts can only get into the food in traces, in a processed form.Excitation, respiratory complaints, stomach and intestinal problems - these are the most common food allergic reactions. Babies are 4-6 percent allergic to some kind of food, more, 2 and a half milk to milk, but eggs, soya, cereals, and fish are also considered significant allergies. It is also up to the mother's schedule to establish tolerance in the child. As you say, it is believed that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless there is another health reason, a specific diet should be followed, as the baby's best dietary intake is to help her best. According to Dr. András Aratou, the majority of children develop food allergies between the ages of two and three.
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