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It's less than a month until Christmas! Check out our tips on how to switch from traditional cookies to healthier desserts. Don't start the new year with extra kicks, it's harder to cast than to carry!

There is no need to quit cooking, cooking

The cuckoos that are lined up in the Christmas lunar, the bacon, the croissant of Bratislava, the honeysuckle, the chocolate cubes, the truffles, are a serious blow to the healthy eating, the shape, the so far hardly cast pounds. .But they really do? You could tap the many, many pounds of sugar and honey you eat in these weeks, but it wouldn't be a good idea to turn a blind eye to it. Sugar, on the one hand, does not give it any weight, fattening it, and does not give our body anything useful or important. If you have successfully quit refreshing or refreshing so far, you can easily fall back into the state during the holidays, when you do not even feel cool. And then you can start all over with patience with weight loss. Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners they are not really a lasting solution, though there are numerous cookbooks that promise that you can safely eat everything as you have done so far, just replace your sugar with something zero calorie. But unfortunately this is a trap! Without a change in your eating behavior you will not be able to make a lasting change! Here's a little help on how to get started on your own and your family's sugar withdrawal!

Make it healthier that you can't buy!

In fact, you can make changes to any classic law that will make the result more acceptable, healthier. You and your family do not have to give up your usual business, but what you are missing out on is going to be a bit different than usual. But you can get used to it! He's very good at it not the volume on the oatmeal (oats).Christmas can be memorable from a well-thought-out play, talking, old time, parents, grandparents recalling childhood (just need to scan, reformsьtikthat can be eaten even though they have no sugar!

Please try these changes with your cookie

- Use wholemeal flour instead of flour. You can replace one part of the flour with minced almonds, and capital seeds. Among the flour blends, Ezekiel cake bread flour has an extremely low content of carbohydrate.
- Add sweet, natural fruit instead of sugar (apple, banana, prunes, sugar-free plum jam, soaked raisins).
- Instead of making chocolate, make honey from 80 to 90 percent chocolate bars. Or carobporbl.
- Cinnamon, clove, anise are delicious in their own right, use them boldly for cooking, and also have a Christmas feel!
- If you really need to, use much less than the amount of sugar in your recipe, say half, and use sugar in the raw sugar instead of sugar. For example, the egg whites, the peach cake. You save a lot of calories by keeping your glycemic index low.
- Increase the fiber content by adding oat bran or honey to the flour volume or using an oven-friendly oven.
- Instead of sour cream, use natural yoghurt, low-fat yoghurt. You have to get used to it, it's true, but not incapable!
- You can always loosen the plate with small cubes of apples and pears.
- Reduce the amount of fat you specify, use oil or butter instead of margarine.
- Ignore vanilla sugar, use real vanilla instead.

And the essence

Sugar-free recipes in the baby roomthat you can use at Christmas as well:
Cinnamon Barbecue Balls: This is what a baby can get from around the age of eight months.
Apple Bread Cake: This can be given to young children at the age of one.
The Karobos Pudding Cake of the Angels Kitchen: You can use it instead of turmeric, though your recipe contains eight teaspoons of brown sugar, but you can skip it and substitute it with 3-4 decoctions of raisined poppy seeds.
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