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You can cook rapeseeds with tender kale

You can cook rapeseeds with tender kale

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Not only can baby and baby carpets cook delicious food for your baby, if you do it well, you will be unhappily successful with it.

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We got an adult and a baby dose

this is a medium yellow rape
a tender kingboy
a tablespoon of oil
a tablespoon of whole wheat flour
sea ​​sу
small bunch of parsley
1 deci milk or oat milk

Wash, lighten, then cut into thin circles on the ripple, on small cubes the carob. Heat the oil, then simmer the carrots and kale for a few minutes. Sprinkle with a little water, cook until soft. Mix flour with milk (or oatmeal) and drizzle over the greens, stirring constantly. Finally sprinkle on the washed, chopped parsley. Sprinkle your baby's dose with a bot blender and cook a little on yourself.

The baby's milk shake blend together the giblets

From the age of eight months you can give the baby milk with oatmeal and milk at the age of one year. It is delicious and livable on its own, but you can also get some egg eggs and small wooden balls!
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