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Get everything the fetus needs! In the meantime, of course, the baby has to take care of her own needs: as the months go by, we do the best with healthy food.

Let's consciously change during pregnancy!

During pregnancy, we need to take more seriously the principles of healthy eating. Not only that elhнzбs due to its danger, though this is not a negligible factor! Excessive kilos are a burden on our body and different events, such as pregnancy diabetes, the high blood pressure The weight distribution is considered to be unfavorable, so sooner or later spinal complaints occur. Fortunately, a healthy meal does not mean fasting, permanent denial, and "eating." It only takes two weeks to plan for the change in a systematic, careful way, to become aware of the principles, and then everything will go away by itself.

What have we eat so far?

Before your planned conception or in the early days of baby birth, we think about our eating habits all the way. We can help if every week, we record when, how much and what we eat, we drinkhow we cooked the food, what spices we used. Pay particular attention to the following fairly widespread harmful habits and try to get rid of them all! We can do much to improve this situation.

No, no!

- Instead of breakfast, a slice of coffe or milk, or wholemeal bread.
- The Tzozur will be omitted or another sweetened stone will follow.
- A wolf-hungry, fast-eating lunch with half a liter of carbonated acid.
- One-sided flavoring of home-cooked foods with sodium glutamate (flavored) and artificial flavors.
- Chocolate, chocolate, candy, biscuits consumed abundantly afterwards or afterwards.
- Extremely low fluid intake.
- Dinner in the evening, heavy junk food (sausage, salami, garnish).

How next?

- For breakfast, eat cereals, raw fruits and muesli made from muffins, yoghurt. For those who like to eat sandwiches, make the thin slice of vegetables, drizzle, cheese, and the vast majority of the delicacies contain a lot of fat and fat. A much more potent life-saving drug than freshly pressed fruit.- Every time you eat, you should eat it without any hesitation. Carbonic acids contain a lot of sugar and additives, just for ourselves and for the baby.- Use herbs and yoghurt! So we can conjure up much finer, more natural tastes.- Leave the snacks whole and think about the situations we enjoy for sweets, sweet consolation, and six or weekly drinks of water. They can also be replaced with snacks and snacks with fruit snacks. Easily and quickly make a cup of wine with one to two tablespoons of wheat bran, wheat wheat or oatmeal flour.- After six hours in the evening, avoid heavy portions of heavy food.

Habinger, impermanence

In about seventy percent of the pregnant women, it is not the unhealthy bite of fire that causes the problems, but the all-perverse discomfort of the stepping stone. Under such circumstances, expectation begins to lose weight. It is a serious problem to select the meager food that remains in the stomach. However, starvation is dangerous and harmful, as the body's sugar balance may be more likely to fluctuate. (Initially, the vбrandуssбggal jбrу hormonбlis hatбs megvбltoztatja insulin hatбsmechanizmusбt.A kellemetlensйgek not egyьnk piece йteleket csцkkentйse йrdekйben, remekьl bevбlnak pйldбul the bйbipapiporokbуl kйszнthetх pйpek, rich shakes. Ьgyeljьnk the kiegyensъlyozott folyadйkbevitelre because kiszбradбs kцnnyen can infъziуs kezelйst Kortyonkйnt szьksйgessй drink. Do not Avoid strong-smelling, overly distinctive foods and beverages.Already during this period, hunger may appear. Nutrition, no cause for concern, During the lonely period, the main thing is to be able to eat something fresh and frozen - it is very rare for a pregnant woman to harm her health.

Things to watch out for!

- In the first few weeks, it is very important to prevent some developmental abnormalities adequate folic acid intake. If you don't mind looking at leafy greens, hazelnuts, broccoli, kelp, at least 400 micrograms of vitamin A per day.- From the start of your appetite, limiting sugar intake. Fattening, harmless, empty calorie, and gestational diabetes, we have to completely give up on roulette. Let us become accustomed to loving natural tastes, because the use of artificial juices is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.- During pregnancy it is prohibited to eat raw or semi-fried meatbecause they can cause infection with toxoplasmosis. Because it spreads to a small number of infectious cats, we must carefully wash all open-air greens before eating them raw. On the cutting board on which we minced raw meat, we should not cut green fruit.

Nutrition in the Second Third

After the 12th week, most babies lose their smoothness. A period is coming when we may feed off any minerals, vitamins, or whites that may have been removed in the first few months. It doesn't hurt at first to count the bread and breads of whole grains from our diet. Slightly slice the brown bread! It is also worth trying toast bread, from the wide variety available we choose wholemeal flour. The vajazбst, margarinozбst helyettesнtsьk kцnnyы, sovбny tъrуkrйmmel, this is cumulative fresh citromlйvel, pбr drop olнvaolajjal drained grated sбrgarйpбt, almбt, kнgyуuborkбt, zucchini or egyйb crude salбtakeverйket.A according нzlйsьnk zцldsйgkeverйket pбrolt or sьtхben, zsнr йs oil nйlkьl kisьtцtt sovбny also hъsfйlйkkel dъsнthatjuk. The toast bread is also suitable for the more and more frequent stomach suppressants. We can always keep a few slices in our bowls, much healthier than the various biscuits. Healthy, vitamin, fiber, and protein snacks are also good for breakfast, snacks, snacks and light dinners, and the added benefit of being diverse is that it is very important that our fat intake is limited in time and severely restricted. According to the latest dietary recommendations, we cover up to thirty percent of our daily energy requirements with fat. All foods indicate the amount of fat in the product. Take the wood and read the labels carefully! Always choose a lower fat content and make sure that up to one-third of your total fat intake is from the main animal source, the so-called saturated fatty acids. (Fatty acids are the precursors of fats) .A vegetable fats, that is, in the case of oils, prefer the cold pressed versions, but never heat them. Add to the prepared salad or steaks only a few coffees or teaspoons afterwards. Do not eat meat deep fried in oil, green vegetables, potatoes, but rather fry them under almonds. It can significantly reduce the calories and healthier what we consume. Note that oilseeds, cheeses, and some plants (such as avocados) contain significant amounts of fat. Naturally, it is not advisable to remove fats from our diet, as they are also important precursors to our body, and include, among other things, the absorption of fat-rich vitamins and the production of hormones.

Ubiquitous tummy

With the growth of the bee, there is less and less room for the stomach and intestines. This means that equally insignificant complaints become almost unbearable: fullness, stomach, and constipation can cause severe pain. In the last third, the most important thing is to cut down on three, rather than three meals. . If йtrendьnk reformjбval sikerьlt nцvelnьnk the йlelmirost-fogyasztбst (full kiхrlйsы gabonбk, raw zцldsйgek, gyьmцlcsцk) valуszнnыleg will not be a problem szйkrekedйssel.Ha mйgis the rostfogyasztбs nцvelйsйn kнvьl the hard emйszthetх, segнthetьnk zsнros йtelek kiiktatбsбval the legtцbbet. You should never lie down immediately after a meal, a little exercise or light exercise will also stimulate digestion and stomach upset. The unpleasant bloating is caused by one of the constituents of the oligosaccharides found in leguminous seeds.What? Healthy changes
milk + brown rice
wheat + cheese
bъza + beans
milk + potatoes
beans + corn
sesame seeds + fresh greensBacteria are broken down by gassing in the colon. Only small portions of the oligosaccharides can be lost by cooking and cooking, but by consuming the spicy, peas, lentils, chickpeas, we get rid of this unpleasant ingredient, very much. Neither now nor during breastfeeding do we have to give up this exclusive source of white fiber, we just have to try to digest the legumes in an easy-to-digest form. You may also be interested in:
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