Attila Katus's advice for a pregnant mother

Attila Katus's advice for a pregnant mother

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At the beginning of June, Attila Katus published his first book, The Adventurous Life-Shaping Book, a special chapter dealing with the lifestyles of healthy people and their mothers and their healthy lifestyles.

Roof Attila - as a teacher, trainer, personal trainer, university educator - you not only know what you need to do to develop your muscles, to shape your mind, but also how. Kцnyvйben beszйl the egйszsйges йletmуd fontossбgбrуl the йtkezйsi szokбsaink бtalakнtбsбrуl the kнmйletes sportolбsrуl, childhood sports jelentхsйgйrхl the йletmуdunkhoz igazodу sportolбsi formбk megvбlasztбsбrуl the sportsйrьlйsekrхl the edzйsterv fokozatossбg elvйt betartу цsszeбllнtбsбrуl.Egy kцnyv the boldogsбg keresйsйrхl the бlmokrуl йs vбgyakrуl, the success, discovery, the importance of childhood, and finding our own path. Attila shows with his own stories and testimonies that what he has achieved can be achieved by anyone else. That invested work always pays off and produces results. So that we never give up our dreams and always find new goals. That a stable set of rules governs the creation and preservation of our personal desires.

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Who is this book for? For beginners, for beginners; young, middle-aged, older; for sports enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, "sports skeptics", believers in a healthy lifestyle. And those who have already given up sports or healthy eating may have been disappointed, or who do not know how to make a lifestyle change. Simply: everyone! "