You'll get to the top with us!

You'll get to the top with us!

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On June 2, BSI will host the 15th SMART Keak Race, which is the highest point in Hungary. A wonderful family program: clean your lungs and touch the top of the country with us!

The start of this challenging sporting event will take you from Kraftyred to Kékes: 11.6 kilometers up to a level of 671 meters.
There are also amazing 19 runners who have completed all 14 of the previous Blue Races! 17 people have already entered this event! Looks like you can't get tired of this.
From the 343-meter-long winding serpentines, in the thick forest of the Mtra, Sstun takes you up to the Five Mtra Bazaar and beyond. The real highlight of the event: When it arrives, everyone touches the red-white-green stone on the top of the country at 1014 meters above sea level. You receive unique jubilee prizes for each destination!
Come and run, go out and cheer on us, so stay healthy on June 2nd, at the 15th SMART Race! Pregnant Mom and Baby Room Editors will be there and hope to get to the peak within the syntax.
More information: www.futanet.hu
15.SMART Kékes Running Start:
- 11 Lanes, Mtrafrude (before Volnbus, on the 24th)