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The new NAT is coming

The new NAT is coming

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Come September, the new curriculum will begin teaching. The discussion material is now ready, we are waiting for the comments for one month.

The new NAT is comingOn Friday, the discussion on the new NAT was published. says that more than a year of professional preparation work has preceded the New National Curriculum Concept, we will post comments on the discussion material for a month. In fact, the new NAT teaching starts in September 2019. Gergely Gulyabs has repeatedly stressed in the Pentecostal Infinite that this is not a final version, just a discussion, which in its current form will There are many state-of-the-art pedagogical principles in NAT, but at the same time it reduces the burden on students to a small extent and only slightly increases their teaching leave. The big change is that you suggest combining science subjects in upper secondary education and enrolling in an - optional - zero, closed-up course for your nursery school. Following this, experts are expected to supplement the material, and then, from September 2019, will come to life in an ascending system, the first and the fifth of the course.
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