10 games your baby will love

10 games your baby will love

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Jбtйkidх! If you try something new with your baby, take one of these 10 simple but very entertaining games. You see, he will love it, and of course you will!

Kitchen accessories are the best games

If your baby is 6 months old, you might want to try the simple little toys of BabyCenter. to discover the world around them. The following 10 games were designed for them. Not only do the players cheer for them, they do they are also developing their skills.But them out too! 1. Kiss her with her fingertips, tickle her little face with her lovely, soft figurines.2. Take a horse ride with him, take him to your feet, and you can go for it.3. Boot with a hat, put your hat on your head first, then on the belt.4. Examine the water. Cut tiny holes in the bottom of a box of margarine and drain the water over a pan to see the water passage.5. Doboljatok. The best tool for this is a wooden can and a foot.6. Give him a tower of game boxes and let him destroy it.7. Put it in a baby cardboard box, and push it around the box.8. Jump, jump, jump! Stand with your feet on the ground, keep them in a steady position so that your feet are on your feet and jump them with small movements.9. Discover the kitchen accessories. The egg box will definitely be your favorite.10. Count your fingers. Don't miss your toes.Related Articles:
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