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Weasel tame

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In the playhouse, in the playground, in the baby-mom group, there is always an aggressive kid who spoils the others' playful games, but with the right attitude, you can get them involved.

Weasel tame

The beige tiger wins against a game, but if more tentacles collapse, it will be more effective, and you will not be able to see the sand directly because you can't handle the little ones at this age. explain to him why no one else should be blamed. Show him how to express his claims in words, ask the other child to play the game. Let's not get mad about it behavior, but let us be determined.
Much we are in a more difficult situation if our child is being punished by another child: big question about how to intervene and when. The smaller you have children, the more you need to protect them because you cannot protect yourself. In preschool children, we can rely on conflict management for a while, but let's not pretend that we are not (or are) in the situation, and do not take ourselves out of the situation. When we feel that way, we have to step in. let's do it!
First and foremost, we need to protect and raise our own child, not the other. Of course, the situation where the parent of the aggressive child does not intervene is difficult and we have to apply some kind of strategy. Even before this, let us calm down our own grief-stricken child by showing him or her that we are standing next to him / her and explaining to him / her that what was wrong with him / her was not his / her mistake. If you have to, you have to get over it and start doing something with the other child in this situation.
We will show you how to deal with such situations. By no means let it leave you without running or running. Tell the struggling kid that you can't hurt others. Suggest a solution to common games (such as bloodshed), but only if we find that trust can be restored among children. Bring the attention of the gates to the activity where you can show your strength, your ability (racing, cycling). Let's play with them for a little while, and then when the storm clouds are gone, we can go back in time.
Include a few tiny surprises (two minivans, two balloons, two colored chalk) that can be distributed between them. If we offer just one desirable game, it's just oil on fire. There's less chances to get mixed up while running, collecting, biking, balling, skating.
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