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Allergy season: 5 tips from professionals

Allergy season: 5 tips from professionals

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The pollen season is improving, but we are still ahead of the most common allergenic plant, ragweed bloom.

Allergy season: 5 tips from professionals

Buda Allergy Center experts have been asked about what they are advising stakeholders to look out for in the coming months.

Don't be afraid of steroid nasal sprays!

At first, steroids sound scary to many, although the active ingredients are absorbed locally in the nose, so these supplements can be safely applied over the long term. They effectively control swelling and irritation of the nose, relieve nasal congestion and runny nose. Dr. Monika Augusztinovicz ear nose nose, allergologist said that steroid nasal sprays have a full effect after one week of use.If someone starts to use it when the allergen pollen is too. Therefore, if we know that the flower we are allergic to is in which month, we should contact our doctor before we start to use the medicine in time!

Pollen can cause eczema

In addition to lung cancer, pollen allergy may also manifest itself in the form of other symptoms. Dr. Garaczi Edina dermatologist allergist warns that eczema symptoms may increase in the pollen season, especially in areas not covered by clothing: face, neck, arms and shoulders. In case of complaints allergy test it can be proven that eczema symptoms are provoked by pollens or not.If it is proven that the skin symptoms are caused by pollen allergy, then the proper treatment by a doctor can effectively alleviate the complaints. Antihistamines for the Reduction of Itching for Inflammatory Eczema greasy ointmentsas well as for short periods steroid creams They proposed.

You may still start allergenic immunotherapy until the end of May

If you are tired of having symptoms every year, it is time to find a solution to your allergy. Dr. Katalin Balogh allergologic, eye-nose-grooming for this purpose allergen immunotherapy recommends what is currently the only treatment modality that affects not only the symptoms but also their causes. During treatment, you take the purified allergen extract in the form of tablets or drops. Allergic immunotherapy moves the normal immune system to "normal mode" so that the patient is able to suffer from it without any complaints. If you start it now, experience has shown that your symptoms may be significantly reduced this summer, and if you continue treatment for up to 2 years, you may forget about the allergies for up to 10-12 years. In case of ragweed allergy, it is ideal to start treatment until the end of May!

Prevent an asthma attack!

Allergic asthma is the most common type of asthma. Symptoms of environmental allergies - pollens, house dust mites, molds, pet hair - are on the rise. The number of airborne allergies is high in the spring-summer pollen season, dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi Allergologist, I think it is very important that patients know the factors that provoke an asthma attack. Testing for asthma and assessing severity include a flame test. Asthma is an allergic origin vйrvйtellel, or Prick test The symptoms are essential for the proper management of the symptoms drug therapy, whose settings are always customized. Inhaled steroids, nasal sprays and anti-allergy nasal sprays, pills, asthma and allergy treatment can prevent and prevent the onset of an asthma attack.

Also consider the possibility of cross-allergy!

If you have a allergic sensation of breath and also have a sensation of throat, hunger, itching, itching when eating certain foods, it is advisable to exclude the possibility of cross-allergies! In cases of ragweed allergies, for example, watermelon, melon, tomato and cucumber can cause such symptoms. Dr. Lajos Réthy according to the experience of allergologists and pediatricians, in most cases, the person concerned is unnecessarily excluding more food from the diet. And the situation comes with further resignations if you are allergic to more than one thing at a time, as the likelihood of further cross allergies increases. Instead of unnecessary dietary restrictions, it is worthwhile to look at exactly what causes the complaints and not to consume that particular food anymore. Today, a new test method, a 244 Nanotechnology Allergy Test as much as possible.
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