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The hyperactive child is also calmed by plaster painting

The hyperactive child is also calmed by plaster painting

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From here, everyone misses out successfully, there is no tired, sweaty, fatigued little man - tells me when he leads me to his playhouse. They created something that was not yet there: white gypsum figures create a whole world of fantasy.

"Ten years ago, I was in Boston looking like, and now that I wanted to go to work after twins, I had to realize that three small kids were out of work, .
The Plaster Age Playhouse has no entrance fee and no per-minute pay. The little brother (and, of course, the adult merchant, if you will) picks one of the hundreds of harpy plaster figurines displayed on the shelves with the help of a skilled worker. He then sits down on one of the table tops, chooses the weight of specialty paints, and takes up the work of the year.
"You don't get the shape yourself, it's ready to be a guarantee of success. As a teenager, you can paint a little heart - whatever you want, and here's the character: the imagination, the imagination, blends. No two owls or ballet shoes alike! Just as they get to work, hyperactive kids are at ease, quiet classical music also helps. it changes according to the color of the shelf.

Birthday in the playhouse with face and gypsum painting

The plaster cast is performed by an alcoholic who has been healed in a rehabilitation home. They get the material, we give it the form. They are proud that they have finally made some money, "adds the owner, who, unless she is just at school or in school, is always bustling with three little girls: Hanna, Esther and Noummi.


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