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Stonlusakadémia is on the way again to bring you the best you can during the holidays!

Stonlusakadémia is on the way again to bring you the best you can during the holidays!

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Ideal gifts for our loved ones and / or ourselves for our one-day style course, guaranteed by Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Editor-in-Chief of Maxima and some of the most excellent style styles!

There are at least 6 good reasons to choose Stalin's Academy November 17-18; November 24-25 and on the day of December 1 December.
1. Fill in with confidence! With the help of the course you will discover your own style and get the most out of yourself.
2. You'll get everything you like about fashion, beauty and trends!
3. The profession is reputed by renowned representatives! Among others, Anna Gera is an international makeup artist, hairdresser Laszlo Hajas, Szilard Kiss Kiss on Cosmopolitan, Krisztina Gurics on Elle, and Munnika Laczkу are fashion and makeup editor of Marie Claire.
4. The course is personalized. It provides a "key to solving" that everyone can consciously navigate in the world of beauty products, colors, shapes and trends.
5. We are piling up with Ajny! The course fee - gross $ 45,000 - includes a $ 20,000 worth of cosmetics branded internationally, and a quarterly magazine subscription package (includes: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Elma).
6. We help you to preserve your style! After the course, we will have a one-on-one consultation for one month.
The course is sponsored by Douglas Perfumery, but there will be tutorials at the Barber's Laser Clinic (Cosmetic Procedures, Hair Removal, Laser Aesthetic Procedures), Manna Soap (hand made, nature and biocosmetics) , Mystic Day (a sleek, chic fashion for women in everyday work), and Ungaroswiss (exclusive wholesaler of Doxa, Edox, Gucci, Nina Ricci, Cornavin).
Stylus Academy - Where You Can Find Out Yourself!
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