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You're a kid because you're alive!

You're a kid because you're alive!

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After lengthy talks, we have two successful breastfeeding interviews to set up Terzanyu! This is a success story with her newborn, as Zsuzsa's second baby, Nuri, is barely two months old.

Zsuzsa Rбcz and her baby, Nuri

- Your baby is about to change, after Nurri's birth, you said this on Terysanyu's official community site:
"Today, kйtgyermekes szьlхsйgьnk a week йvfordulуjбn success bevezettьk the pumбzбs ultra baby mama papa-barбt intйzmйnyйt. The pumбzбs szу бllнtуlag Baranyбbуl szбrmazik, not that there would be хshonos the ragadozу, the origin of the szу inkбbb vezethetх back to vadбllati szaghatбsra that the pumбzу egyйn produkбl. The pumбzбs because it means that today there is no bath, no laundry, and tomorrow, and the introduction of families with small children - especially newborn! - very happy, back, waist and nervous, I recommend everyone!
- Is it so much easier for the second child, or so much less busy doing things?
- Both are true. One piece is lighter, but it's obviously lighter because I take it looser. Although there is no caution on the tip of the tip, we know that a baby is not porcelain. My two births were completely different, too.
He also went very slowly with Sofi oxytocin, an inhumane pain. Now I know that cubs can be tolerated, but with this "great stuff" I felt terrible! She was born under the age of three, without oxytocin, fast, easy, and was 4200 grams!
Even easier with my second child is that I quickly realized how much I didn't do well with Sofi. Although I did not adhere to breastfeeding in horses, but our home doctor was strict and told me that if I did not follow it, our life would fall and we would be ready. You would have been asleep with me because it was lighter or you would have used a carrier. I see it as a much simpler example if I put it on my breast, even if she ate half her ubiquitous, so I definitely feel comfortable. But basically it's not about choosing between one and two kids, but choosing between having a kid and having a kid. By the second you know what you can count on, and you know what will happen to you and how long it will last.
- It would be middling for me, but I don't feel the next question, because this year's Terzanyu's appeal was: How did motherhood change your life?
- I often find myself barely doing what I like. For example, I used to reading at night because it was impossible during the day. You just have to read to me, it is "too bad" for me, and so I'm reading on the sleep column. What's not so easy to grasp is the "foundation" that you accept: very many of your needs aren't in the first place. And, of course, patience, adaptation, which never went easy for me.
- In an earlier interview, you stated that you were asking a frenzy to say a word about having a child. And he said that because he was alive! Now that the kids have it, do you also think that you are alive or alive?
- It's just that it's so good to live, I wouldn't say it because I don't want to exclude those who decide not to have a baby or maybe they can't. But it's so good that I love so many things in life, but clearly kids and family are in the first place.
- But - we can safely say that as the author of the most successful Hungarian "single book" - he was very talkative about his childhood ...
- Because I didn't see anything that worked well.
- And now you see?
- Yes, there is a couple of good examples in our environment that it is possible for a god to have a good family or family.
- How did the grandma accept the little one?
- He was really expecting he was the one who had been lobbying for the body, and he said "Mom, I think you have a baby in your stomach" when he was not having menstruation. He spoke to the faith in my stomach, drawing, puppeting as described in the book. Of course, we are much harder at sin now, demanding, more impatient, but that's normal, because robbing is the way to go. But basically he loves it!
- Was your age - both, and half - conscious?
- Absolutely. I felt that until a certain degree of proficiency was achieved by Sophie - and I knew that this would be about three years old when I wouldn't have to jump all the way up, for example, I could get it right - second child. The "one little, the other little" situation I would not have committed physically or mentally. I needed this time.
- Do you think that asking for a higher age is taboo?
- Yes, in many cases, I find that there is a strong outer (and must) and economic pressure (a child should be under three years). In my opinion, it is a common problem that women do not really pay up for their load, how long it takes for them, their couple, their children, to have a new baby. If parents can afford to wait a year or two and spend a little time with two kids, why not?
Being home with a child for many years can be burdensome to me, twenty times. Doing this over a long period takes a lot of energy that our society, unlike all our parents, does not appreciate, because it primarily rewards men's money-making work It is taboo not to say it is too much! It is no coincidence that the Terryzany Prize and the newly launched Richter Aryan Prize are aimed at improving women's self-esteem, social esteem. Because I think this is very important and you can only make changes with weak tools.
- You talk a lot about taboos, you carefully try to stretch the frames. Is this conscious?
- One is conscious, and one is working. I always see the feedback when I run into one.
- What do you think are the main taboos?
- What does not mean that "my child is victorious", my life "small and fulfilled" at the same time, all of them can be considered taboo. There is one way to talk about motherhood: in superlatives. Whether it is difficult for me, having problems with relationships, having sex, having a hard time studying maternity, or my child being unbearable in some cases - we don't talk about them explicitly.
- Can we expect these to be a book of your experiences and experiences?
- Yes, that would be you! Of course, this is not a priority besides the little one, bar… Once you get the inspiration, you are not excluded!
- Are you getting round your life now?
- Yes please! Very good kid-making, this is the best project in my life!