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Does Baby Have Fever For Weight Loss? Ideas for Pregnant Diabetes

Does Baby Have Fever For Weight Loss? Ideas for Pregnant Diabetes

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How do I adjust my diet? Can I eat something delicious sometimes? How can I avoid having to choke on insulin? For inquiries about pregnant diabetic pregnant women, Dr. Tуth nesgnes Diabetologist answers.

The most important problem for a baby is diet balance and lack of recipes. What can you recommend to them?

The best way to help the body fail to meet the need for greater insulin is to evenly dispense the amount of carbohydrate it needs. This is usually means daily meals and 180 grams of carbohydrate intake. If blood sugar rises, this amount can be reduced, but at least 150 grams of carbohydrate per day should be consumed. It is best to consider that the carbohydrate intake should also be about 30 grams in the morning, 20 in the morning, 50 in the afternoon, 20 in the evening, and 50 in the evening. A small dinner with about 10 grams of carbohydrate is also included. During the diabetology specialty, pregnant women usually receive a recipe book and diet tips containing solids. These are also good to use. I, too, have been paying attention to my little mother, that there is some sugar in the food that you can get in the middle of the world that you might not even think of. The donuts may not be surprising, but who would think that ketchup or even breast cancer can contain sugar. I am no exception to the "light" products. Therefore, you should not read the food composition thoroughly.

Frequently asked whether you should lose weight, lose weight during pregnancy and especially when pregnant with diabetes?

No, it's forbidden! You should not exercise or fast during pregnancy. However, a diabetic baby does not have to worry about not feeding her baby enough because of her diet. It is possible that the expectant mother will avoid using insulin at all times and will therefore be on a strict diet. So much that you hardly eat carbohydrates anymore. The consequence of this may be that he. Starchy Acetone - No Acetone Due to High Sugar Levels! - appears in the urine, which is naturally to be avoided.

What to do if your diabetic mother needs a delicious meal?

Then do not eat regular sugars or glucose containing sugars. If you want to eat sweet, you can eat fruit. THE carbohydrate is needed, but you should keep an eye on me even if you do smoother adagolбsra. It doesn't matter if the rain is raining or it is raining. Obviously, sugar intake also works. Soil is better able to absorb moisture from drizzling rain and so does slow-release cells - appropriate glycemic indexes - diets are favorable. This is why small children should consume the following: wholemeal wheat, wholemeal cereals. Thorough reassurance contributes to the suppressed release of carbohydrates. These are principles that can be well respected by healthy people. I have a pregnant mother in my practice with whom we are carrying the third pregnancy all the way, and she is now the husband of mine; eating just as well, eating the same diet as his wife, who therefore has a much easier life than having to cook for the family.

Instead of dieting, eat well during pregnancy!

From diet and insulin, what do you usually do to help your baby maintain blood sugar levels?

The other is simple but very movement is important. The best cure for post-glucose jumping after a meal is for a pregnant mother to make a spending trip. Exercise - as I mentioned - can lower your blood sugar by up to 30% because your muscle cells take up sugar. Your diabetic mother is pregnant. If you have a lot of stress at work, there are times when you have difficulties, you work more shifts, or you have some unfavorable conditions, it is harder to eliminate your blood sugar fluctuations. If you can, get some nutrition. Balanced nutrition and recipes are also needed - especially at the beginning - some extra time.

What special conditions you should pay attention to. What to do if your diabetic pregnant woman gets sick?

There are some diseases that are more acute. Increased risk of thrombosis, for example, is more prone to gestational toxicity. Parents are paying close attention to this bloodlessness. They are also more common with vaginal infections, which need to be treated before vaginal delivery. In general, while the bar is free to travel and on vacation, it is important to avoid infectious areas, infectious patients. Fever, infectious diseases, vomiting, diarrhea can upset the glucose metabolism. For example, in a major febrile illness, the insulin requirement of a diabetic patient may be increased by 10-30%. Such a disease must be reported to the gynecologist, diabetologist. No diabetic baby should take aspirin! Home medicine and treatment is also a serious mistake! It is important to curb flame retardation and abundant fluid intake. You should not be afraid of the antibiotic recommended by your doctor, although this is not a specific diabetes problem, but it should be noted that in Hungary, the waters are hypoxic, and this hypertension is only exacerbated by the consumption of bottled water. With the exception of the Reverend, everywhere you have less Jedi is needed. Therefore, it is important for a pregnant mother to take 200 mg iodide daily, not only during pregnancy but also during breastfeeding. It's not just about being a baby, because a small organization that is developing can take away what you need, anyway. The intake of vitamins and trace elements is important for the protection of the mother's body.

How often should a diabetic baby appear in a special order?

Initially, this is a weekly opportunity, and once you have maintained your glucose, it will come enough every two weeks. You meet your baby insulin weekly.You should have a monthly lab test to check your blood sugar. Officially, HbA1c values ​​can be viewed only once every three months, but fructus-amine is only biweekly. Once you give your blood sugar back two weeks back, you can virtually keep track of whether or not your blood sugar has exceeded the legal limit. In addition, it is important that your mother goes to an ophthalmologist at least once.

How to Prepare a Baby Mummy for a Sugar Load Test

For testing, it is best to buy 75 grams of precisely measured sugar at the pharmacy. If you feel that the sugar solution is very good, add a few drops of lemon. Take your home glucose sugar for the lab test and measure your blood sugar on your own machine. You can calibrate it so your home and labs do not deviate from home dieting in the morning, at lunch, and at night. You have to be reminded that you always have an ubiquitous after-transition because the peaks you can measure at that time are really important, which cannot be above 7 mMol / l. If, for example, once you are pregnant, trend of the essence. However, if the result exceeds this limit several times, it will immediately inform the physician. And with low blood glucose levels that are not bad, you should check that your stomach is not broken or your blood drops are too small. Jumping or suspicious measurement results are best measured once.

In your experience, how disciplined is it for a mother to follow her instructions?

In essence, I've only met responsible, disciplined little ones who do everything for themselves and their baby's health, they come and they are very cute until they are born. Afterwards, however, they have to be caught in a slow motion to return to the order. Six weeks after childbirth, the so-called reclassification blood glucose test, when you decide if you have diabetes, you can automatically to the Diabetes Department. After birth, less than 10 percent of mothers remain diabetic, but it is important for them to know about rula. However, with years, you have a 40-60% chance of developing type 2 diabetes. We usually say that the pregnancy window is the future. We really need to be aware that the condition predicts high blood pressure and diabetes and years of danger, so that it can be prevented in a timely manner, even when йletmуddal, without drugs good results can be achieved in the long run. After such a pregnant mother, she can look out for blood sugar. It is important to be aware that you should not drop it. You may well be able to avoid the metabolic disorder that is causing the disease.

Finally, what would a diabetic child design for?

Be consciously prepared for baby kittens. Diet and exercise, these are the most important cornerstones. All you have to do is milk him and enjoy your pregnancy! I, too, have been very happy with my child this time, I wish everyone! This is the most beautiful state!