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They had alarms for abdominal pain and became a baby

They had alarms for abdominal pain and became a baby

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A young girl from Baranya asked for help from an ambulance due to abdominal pain, she was terminated during the examination. She didn't know she was pregnant.

They had alarms for abdominal pain and became a babyThe National Ambulance Service reports a wholly special and rare event on its Facebook page. A young girl from Baranya County called the rescuers for abdominal pain. The girl told the outgoing rescuer that her belly had been very painful the previous day, but she had also visited her home doctor, but the abdomen had not disappeared. The rescuer examined the girl, who was that you are expecting a child."The much-seen ambulance had no time to be shocked because the baby did not wake me up. The ambulance immediately began to be restored and rescued a minute later, the baby moved, and the breath began to sound," and the baby was taken to a hospital by a premature baby.
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