Sleep: Sleepwalking Will Work! A Cool Method to Learn to Sleep

Sleep: Sleepwalking Will Work! A Cool Method to Learn to Sleep

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Let it cry, shut the door, don't let it manipulate you! The floor is full of these great tips. And anyone who cares about it without problems may be capable of other misdeeds. There are others too.

The bunny can help, but for real
you need security!

According to Elizabeth Pantley's Parenting Advice, we can make our baby sleep at night without any urgency. Neither he nor us need to cry to make everyone sleep awfully after a while. How much this "in a while" depends on the child and the parent is by no means a matter of letting her sing. It is believed that harder methods work faster and last longer.
Pantley wrote a dozen books on sleep and other parenting requests. We are now looking at sleeping instructions for toddlers and toddlers.
The first and most important thing to know before you begin is that only the change you want to make will happen. If you want to meet your neighbor's wife or your mother's needs, the whole thing is for the fish. You simply will not be credible, consistent, unless your own deep conviction leads.
If you are comfortable with sleeping on a mattress next to your bed, there is no obligation to open the filter, then order it to the other room. It only works what you accept!

Learn from your brain

If it was enough to sleep together, put a bed or mattress next to your bed! Sleep there, but don't sleep next to it, go back to your brain. Whenever you wake up, come on a little, but afterward, it is your brain! After a while, you can move it to another corner of the room and then to your room, but only if you are used to the previous status.

Ideas if you want to sleep in your room:

- Make a new, attractive decor for your room to love!
- Buy a quiet animal that lives in your room (tortoiseshell, dinny fish, gecko). Tell them they are asleep, watching over each other. It's important to know that you still have to care for the animal!
- The evening laying should always be at the same time, on the same schedule, every day of the week!
- Be it dark or dark, it stimulates the production of sleep-responsible hormones.
- Tell her about her little book or headlamp.
- Tell a story about how wonderful, lovely, strong, funny, lovely she is.
- Give at least one hell of an anesthetic - but you mean it, don't run around, don't phone, don't bargain! - You call the dream dog. Х the dentist's friend brings a little gift to the kid who didn't wake her mom up in the morning. If you don't have enough already, the litter will help another child sleep a couple of weeks later.

Use the biological urge!

- Make a note of when you wake up in the morning, when you sleep well during the day, and when you are most comfortable sleeping.
- According to Pantley, the kids are "set to" best get to bed between 7 and 8.
- Sleeping in Duluth is very important, the lack of it just makes your child livelier, and it also makes nighttime sleep worse.
- Watch for the child's fatigue. It may not make sense, as a sleepy kid will just get excited when you get tired!

Sleepwalking can help you relax in the evenings

If you wake up at night

- Do not leave it alone, do not let it cry alone, without consolation!
- Be with him, declare your love, but be a very boring company!
- Try not to use your dummy when you are a baby, or if it has already halted, stop sleeping with your dummy: take it out of your mouth as soon as you fall asleep.
- If you are sleeping with a baby bottle, dilute the contents of the bottle with water only. Use a baby bottle with a lower content. If you're hungry, you can hang out. Pull the pacifier out of your mouth as you relax.
According to Pantley, this method is not effective at all, but it has come to many parents.


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