What you need to know about flea suppression

What you need to know about flea suppression

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However, the incidence of fleas in households with pets is undoubtedly greater, and not only their pets can bring home the unpleasant insects.

The fleas are 1-4 mm dark brown, insect-free insects. The bodies are flattened on the side, the heads are small, and their lips are dry and bloody. The heart is made up of the upper jaw and upper lip, and the lower jaw is made up of skin and is intended for skin repair. The backs of the pairs of legs are powerful jumps, allowing for huge jumps in body size. About 2,000 species are known in the world, 82 of which have been described in Hungary until 1992. The human bee is red or dark brown, almost black in color and 0.2-0.4 cm long. On the side of the head, the other fleas are lacking, with hard chitinous teeth, "fleshy", their eyes are relatively large, and their feet are heavily bruised. It can jump up to 35 centimeters and up to 20 centimeters high, up to 100 times its own length.

What is flea infestation?

Humans are typically secondary victims of fleas because we are not comfortable carrying them. Mostly, mature, adult, fleas are the target of humans because they prefer the blood of animals. Nor was it clear that, in most cases, flea no more than a few days of unpleasant itchy sensation.Tiny red dots indicate their location, with large pinheads. According to some observations, fleas are typically attacked during sleep, but since few people have deliberately spotted fleas in Hungary, fleas are easily recognized. In all cases, the flea should tumble around the ankle, up to the height of the thigh. If we discover drops in other areas of our body, we may strongly suspect that it is not fleas, but bugs.

Symptoms of fleas

Fortunately, the majority of people are not allergic to fleas, so in most cases, we only talk about a couple of days of discomfort. It can also be stated that fleas are non-carriers of modern diseases and although they occur worldwide, human fleas are rare in civilized states. All in all, it can be two major sources of fleas, an allergic reaction caused by dripping, and an infection due to dripping or contagious fleas. But if we detect the drop early, the big trouble can be prevented.

Treatment of fleas

You need to add a lot of psyche to your baby, the most important thing is not to scratch the flea, which can lead to further infections. Fortunately, there are many medications available in the pharmacy that are easy to obtain, as well as mild cream, but there are people who swear by tea tree oil, cortisone, or vinegar. (VIA)