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18 days for every mother who organizes a birthday jury

18 days for every mother who organizes a birthday jury

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If you've ever organized a birthday party for your child, then you know that the simplest thing to do is organize a wedding. Here are the most typical wigs that run through all mothers' brains at this time.

Father, what should we do at this time, which does not seem boring and new?
Well, that's why organized birthday parties are so popular. It requires a minimum of energy conversion from the parents while the kids are having fun, and you don't have to worry about ruining your home.

And who should we invite?Surely the child will put more names on the list than you would like to call them. Design a trick filter that can be used to squeeze the numbers between the sober. You also need to call the bodies, calculate this.

What if somebody else keeps your birthday?A preliminary survey (who pays when it comes out) has helped a lot.

There is no God to bring so many children to Jin's home! 
You just have to think once, and you'll never do more. Who has a tolerance limit, but usually after 10 kids (+ parents) there is little to clean and pack.

Why don't parents tell me?Well yes. Some have a base, some have no. Be Proactive: Find it, ask it.

What if nobody comes?Therefore, the eclipse has a greater chance.

Did my child distribute the invitations?No, that's a mistake. Follow up with the parents.

What kind of food should I make?Make sure. You can conduct a needs assessment with your child as well as what the food all children want to eat.

How many pieces of meat do a child eat?You probably have no idea how much you are counting so you end up buying / making a whole village good for it. But better anyway.

Organizing a kid's birthday party brings a lot of excitement

Do you have to do something for parents too?
He didn't. Especially if you invite them at lunch or dinner.

What should I put in my surprise bags?Nobody really needs that much plastic stuff, does it?

But if I buy shameful things, does it cost me a fortune?You don't have to think about it: kids are crazy about everything, but if you don't have a surprising bag, it's no big deal. The cake is waiting for you.

Am I going to be able to endure so many kids and the rickshaws they poke?In the evening you will come to bed with fatigue, but you will cry out.

What if everything stays cool?Do we need enough? Can I superficially talk to everyone so much?

What if all the parents are gone?Jesus, I don't think I'm responsible for that much.

What if the kids don't like the games I invented?Chances are low. But check with parents who have done such a party or trick off the net.

What if you had a party soon?Well sooner than the parents arrive.

What if I can't discipline so many kids and get drowned in Urian chaos?Help me! Don't ask for help!

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